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Testimonials at Clarks Healthcare in Benfleet Essex

Welcome to our Testimonials page! At Clarks Healthcare, we take pride in the success and satisfaction of our patients. Lisa, Michael and their team have helped over 6000 patients for over 20 years. Here, you can explore real stories from individuals who have benefited from our osteopathy, rehabilitation, medical acupuncture and the healthy living programmes. These testimonials reflect the life-changing impacts of our personalized care.

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"I’m the healthiest I have been in over 20 years! 

I joined the Healthy Living Programme to help with my Rheumatoid arthritis and the severe pain I was in. Michael performed multiple detailed assessments and we started working on an exercise, diet and lifestyle plan. 

It's not easy giving up the food you normally eat until you realise that after only 2 weeks you can feel a difference. Then it's easy! Now I’m pain free and have never felt better. My wife and friends can't believe how good I look now. Would I recommend joining the Healthy Living Programme? Yes I would, wholeheartedly! Thank you Michael, Lisa and your fantastic team"


"I was pushed into Clarks Healthcare in a wheelchair, I was in sheer agony. Three herniated discs and two reconstructed ankles spelled trouble and almost certainly major surgery.

But then Michael stepped in with a treatment plan that was nothing short of transformative—a comprehensive rehab, diet, and lifestyle program tailor-made for me. Fast forward, and not only did I avoid surgery entirely, but together, we've smashed a 12k nuclear run, tackling over 90 demanding obstacles, covered in mud and I loved every minute of it. Michael, you've literally turned my life around. All the credit goes to you, my friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


"I've lost 20 inches of body fat and gained an incredible boost in fitness and energy. Thanks to the tailored rehabilitation and exercise regimen in the Clarks Healthy Living Programme, my posture has significantly improved, which has not only alleviated my chronic headaches but also remarkably reduced my IBS symptoms.

Since starting the program, my overall health has strengthened—I haven't caught a single cough or cold, and I haven't missed a day of work due to illness. I am truly grateful for the dedicated team at Clarks Healthcare; I couldn't have achieved these life-changing results without their expert guidance and support"


"After sustaining a severe injury to my knee, which included a badly torn meniscus and several ligaments, I was devastated when a specialist informed me that my sporting days were over and surgery was unavoidable. However, upon meeting Lisa, I was greeted with a different perspective. She meticulously assessed my condition, investing time to thoroughly explain the diagnostics and potential for recovery without surgical intervention. Her empathetic understanding and detailed explanations instilled confidence in me.

Under Lisa’s guidance, I embarked on a comprehensive rehabilitation plan, incorporating Osteopathy treatments and a bespoke exercise program designed specifically for my recovery needs. It worked and I no longer needed Surgery. Remarkably I this approach not only alleviated my pain without surgery but also facilitated my return to sports and —surprisingly, performing even better than I had pre-injury.

I am immensely grateful to Lisa and her exceptional team for their support and expertise. Their dedication and effective treatment plan have been life-changing, proving that recovery beyond expectation is possible. My experience with them has been outstanding, deserving a perfect 10/10 rating. Thank you, Lisa, Michael, and the entire team, for your remarkable care"


"For years, severe pain and arthritis tormented me, with no relief from hospital treatments. Despite some temporary respite from various NHS and private clinics, my pain persisted. That changed in 1999 when I met the exceptional Osteopath, Michael Clark. His treatments brought significant relief, and with a few more sessions and a tailored exercise regime, I was astonished to be cured.

After decades of discomfort, I hadn't believed a pain-free life was possible, yet here I am, a testament to the right guidance. I've continued with 'maintenance care' to keep fit and pain-free. Now at 91, I still make the journey for my regular visits, not just for the top-notch osteopathy but also for Michael's kind, caring nature. Without any doubt, I recommend Michael, Lisa Clark, and their whole team."

Thank you for helping me get my life back, I’m deeply grateful for your kindness, support and encouragement"


"After undergoing a daunting brain tumour surgery, which thankfully was successful but left me with some functional impairments, I found myself facing yet another health hurdle: a dislocated knee. The thought of undergoing another surgery was overwhelming, to say the least. That's when I decided to turn to Michael Clark and the team at Clarks Healthcare, a decision that has truly transformed my life.

Michael's expertise in crafting a bespoke programme that addressed not just the risk of knee surgery but also the aftermath of my brain surgery was exactly what I needed. His holistic approach to my rehabilitation and lifestyle changes has been nothing short of miraculous.

I began with Osteopathy treatment and progressed onto the Healthy Living Programme. This was, without a doubt, the best decision I've ever made. It wasn't just about avoiding another surgery; it was about reclaiming my health and confidence. The programme, tailored to consider my medical history and overall health, has been a success on every front.

I was initially sceptical about overhauling my diet, especially given my fussy eating habits. But the healthy eating recipes Michael introduced me to have not only been delicious but something I genuinely look forward to. It's been a revelation to see how simple and enjoyable healthy eating can be, without feeling restricted or bored by the options available.

Training one-on-one in the onsite studio has become a highlight of my week. It keeps me motivated and ensures that my exercise routine is as enjoyable as it is beneficial. Each reassessment with Michael is an opportunity I eagerly anticipate, excited to see my 'health index' score improve and to share how much better I feel overall.

This journey has taught me invaluable lessons about health that extend beyond diet and exercise. Understanding the importance of sleep and stress management has been eye-opening. The regular meetings with Michael to review progress, set new goals, and adjust the plan as needed have provided a level of support I didn't know I needed but now wouldn't be without.

Saying that this experience has been life-changing doesn't quite do it justice. There are no tricks or fads here—just solid, evidence-based guidance that has led to real results. I've gained so much more than just physical health; I've built a confidence that recently saw me buying a new suit for a friend's wedding, feeling better about myself than I have in years.

To anyone considering making a change in their life, I cannot recommend Clarks Healthcare, and the Healthy Living Programme enough. It's not just an investment in your health; it's an investment in a happier, more fulfilling life. I've made this commitment to myself, and I will never go back to how I was before because I feel too good now. Thanks to Michael and the entire team"


"I love it here! I initially came to Clarks Healthcare for osteopathy treatment after an injury, and the care I received was so impactful that I decided to join their Healthy Living Programme to prepare for the army and improve my eating habits. They gave me a personalized diet and lifestyle plan just for me, and I train one-on-one in the studio twice a week.

The team has supported and coached me every step of the way. Thanks to their expert guidance, not only am I fitter and healthier, but I've also gained a tremendous amount of confidence in myself. I'm thrilled to say that I successfully passed the army fitness tests with confidence, feeling stronger and more prepared than ever!"


"After my stroke I lost my independence and confidence. It was daunting to be exercising but Michael and his team have been instrumental in my recovery. The results have been more than I could have hoped for. Not only have I seen a significant return of my strength, but my mobility and balance have also improved and I’ve got my confidence back.

What stood out for me was how everything is bespoke and tailored specifically to my needs. The exercises in their onsite studio are done one-to-one so I know I’m doing everything safely and correctly. The exercises challenge me but I really look forward to seeing the improvements each week.

Thank you for helping me get my life back, I’m deeply grateful for your kindness, support and encouragement"


"I have been living with Parkinson's Disease for twelve years and was often confined to a wheelchair. Determined to walk again, I was recommended to try Clarks Healthcare by a friend. Initially, I was very apprehensive, but there was no need for worry—the team explained everything clearly and ensured I fully understood each step of the process.

They tailored a diet and treatment plan specifically for me, taking into account my condition to ensure all exercise was safe and effective. I exercise in the studio twice per week under the careful supervision of their fantastic team, who make sure all movements are safe and catered to my needs with Parkinson’s. I'm proud to say that, with their help, I was able to walk one mile for a charity event. Michael promised they would help me walk again, and I did! Whatever your challenge, I am confident they will be able to help you too."


"At the age of 73, having led a life marked by activity and vitality, I encountered an unexpected turn. Eight years ago, I was thrust into a series of debilitating episodes characterized by intense, unbearable pain. It was a challenge that seemed insurmountable, until I met Michael.

Michael's method was nothing short of enlightening. He adeptly pinpointed the root of my distress: a misaligned hip that had exerted undue pressure on my lower back's discs, leading to their rupture. His explanation was clear and the path to recovery, surprisingly straightforward. The progress I made was swift and noticeable, steering me towards a proactive stance on my health. I received Osteopathy treatment and then progressed onto 'The Healthy Living Programme'.

Embracing a new diet and lifestyle transformation, I ventured into training at the onsite studio. My prior experience with gym equipment was virtually non-existent, dating back to my school days, leaving me somewhat apprehensive. Many exercises felt insurmountable to master alone, making the personalized, one-on-one guidance invaluable.

The transformation has been profound. I feel rejuvenated, boasting health, strength, fitness, and resilience that eclipse my condition over the past 20 years. I now effortlessly engage in actions and activities once deemed impossible, often outperforming individuals years my junior—a fact that brings a secret smile to my face.

My perspective on 'formal exercise' has undergone a complete 180-degree turn. From scepticism to advocacy, I've become a staunch believer in its benefits. I'm not only living a healthier life but am also setting the foundation for a joyous, comfortable existence into my 90s—a prospect my parents' generation scarcely could have imagined.

A heartfelt thank you to Michael. While the effort was mine, the journey would have been unthinkable without his guidance, expertise, and support"


“I cannot recommend Clark’s and the training team enough!

I visited the practice barely able to walk and in excruciating pain. Michael was able to tell what was causing the problem straight away, and with treatment, was able to get me walking again and fairly pain free.

Having had 2 caesareans and suffering back pain ever since I decided to take Clark’s up on there training programme in order to correct my spine and completely fix the issues I was experiencing.

Within 13 WEEKS... 13WEEKS!!! I have managed to get my lumbar measurement from 67 degrees to a perfect 30 degrees! I am no longer in pain, I’m so impressed!! Along with the spine correction I have lost 22 inches off of my body and fat percentage has gone down considerably. I enjoy the healthy eating and no longer feel hungry and have more energy.

Best decision I have ever made!!! Anyone considering it should definitely go!"


"I've been dealing with neck, shoulder, and back pain for over 40 years, thanks to too much time at my desk. Things hit rock bottom when a simple cough threw me into the most excruciating back pain ever. The extra strong painkillers my doctor gave me weren't touching the pain, and just getting out of bed or onto the train was becoming a nightmare. I was in so much pain every day, and it was only getting worse.

I was seriously starting to think surgery was my only option. However the consultant, while discussing surgery, suggested I see Michael Clark first. It was like being thrown a lifeline.

Michael was a revelation. He figured out the real issue which caused my severely herniated disc, sciatica and a twisted pelvis. He laid out a plan that made surgery seem avoidable.

True to his word, after starting Osteopathy treatment with Michael, I felt a bit better after each visit. It wasn't long before I was moving on to a rehabilitation programme that was just for me—complete with exercises in the clinic's studio and a healthy eating plan to help me shift some extra weight I'd been carrying around.

I won't lie, I was nervous about exercising after so many years, scared I'd make things worse. But the thought of avoiding surgery and maybe even losing weight was too good to pass up. I threw myself into it.

And what a difference it made. By the time I had my second reassessment with Michael, not only was I free from the pain that had plagued my neck, shoulders, and back, I had recovered to point that I no longer needed the surgery. Plus, I'd lost 2 stone and 23 inches of fat in the process!

The studio sessions with the lovely team are fantastic and I enjoy the healthy eating plan. I can't say enough good things about Michael. He's been professional, straightforward about what I needed, and just a great person to work with. I've felt comfortable and in good hands every step of the way.

So, a massive thank you to everyone at Clarks Healthcare. You've not just helped me avoid surgery; you've given me a new lease on life"


"After tearing my right ACL and experiencing unsuccessful NHS physio, my consultant suggested that reconstructive knee surgery and giving up football were my only options. This news was absolutely devastating.

Fortunately, several friends recommended Clarks Healthcare. Michael thoroughly explained how surgery could be avoided and detailed a plan to get me back on the football field. He started me off with osteopathy to address the immediate issues with my knee, and then we progressed to a full rehabilitation programme. The initial assessment was incredibly thorough, leading to a customized diet and lifestyle plan designed specifically for me. I began regular one-to-one exercise sessions with the team in the onsite Studio.

I’m thrilled with the results and truly enjoy each visit. The entire team is friendly and supportive, making my rehabilitation a positive experience. I've successfully rehabilitated my knee without needing surgery and have made significant improvements to my diet and lifestyle. It’s a relief and a joy to know I can still play football and lead an active lifestyle. Thank you Michael, Lisa and the team at Clarks Healthcare!"


"After two caesareans, dealing with ongoing back pain and sciatica, I really wanted to safely get my body back in shape.

Michael started me off with some hands-on treatment to ease the immediate pain and then set me up with a completely tailored rehab program along with a health eating and lifestyle plan. Making these changes to my diet and lifestyle has given me so much more energy, and I genuinely look forward to my weekly sessions in the Studio. The trainers are fantastic—they're really helpful and make sure I do all the exercises safely and correctly.

I'm amazed at the results! I'm in the best shape I've ever been, my core strength is better than ever, and my posture has massively improved. Plus, my sciatica is completely gone, and overall, my body shape and health have changed for the better!

If you're thinking about it, just go for it—it changed my life!”


"I was impressed by the range of issues Osteopathy could tackle. They've not only eased my chronic back pain but also helped reduce my regular headaches and migraines. The team's approach was personalized, and they offered practical advice for maintaining my health.

Their knowledge made a big difference in how I manage my health. It's been a revelation to see such improvements, and I'm genuinely thankful for their care"


"Suffering from severe hip and leg pain, I was reliant on a walking stick and facing surgery. During my initial visit, Michael's comforting presence and clear explanations about my condition gave me hope for avoiding surgery. To my amazement, just a few treatments later, I was walking my three dogs pain-free.

I received Osteopathy treatment and a fully bespoke rehabilitation programme. The results where fantastic and I was able to avoid surgery!

Once my care plan was complete, I chose to continue monthly 'maintenance care' visits. These sessions are invaluable, keeping me healthy and limber. My husband, equally impressed, sought Lisa's expertise. Her ability to explain his medical issues in understandable terms was particularly comforting, especially after his cancer diagnosis.

I can't praise Michael, Lisa, and their team enough for their exceptional kindness and care."


"I've been to several clinics, but none compare to the exceptional service and care I receive at Clarks Healthcare. The treatments and tailored exercises I get here are truly the best. Michael and I always have great conversations during my sessions, and I've learned so much about the human body.

For years, I struggled with a chronic sacroiliac joint problem, but just one session with Michael made a world of difference—it was completely resolved. Similarly, a persistent shoulder injury from martial arts and weightlifting was effectively addressed when Michael identified and treated the root cause.

I can confidently say that I've never encountered such a forward-thinking clinic. Michael, Lisa, and their team are outstanding and surpass any other practitioners I've visited before."


"5 years ago I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. The medication was horrendous and made my hair fall out, made me really depressed and did nothing to stop my bleeding. I had no life, was housebound and very unhappy.

Luckily through a friend I was introduced to Michael and Lisa Clark - I decided to seek an alternative method to get my life back. I started working with them and this became the most important decision I have ever made.

We discussed everything that had happened to that point and because how ill I was he gave me a strict healthy diet and lifestyle plan. It was very hard to start with but as I was feeling so much better I kept at it. After a couple of months I did not want to go to the toilet constantly, the bleeding stopped completely and I came off the medication.

My next colonoscopy showed no colitis and my consultant was shocked at my recovery. I totally have my life back and am so grateful I found out about using diet, exercise and lifestyle to control this terrible disease. I now enjoy this healthier and happier lifestyle”


“I was breathless, had very high blood pressure, was diabetic and felt exhausted. I then had a fall, nothing major but I couldn't get up! Arms not strong enough to push, unable to roll over onto knees, muscles too weak. I was an embarrassed mess.

My family convinced me to have osteopathy and join the Healthy Living Programme. I was asked what I wanted to change and told how it could be done. I was tested in detail over a 1 ½ hour assessment. A lifestyle, nutrition and rehabilitation programme was designed for me which includes regular one-to-one training in their Studio for an hour each session all taught with great care and expertise.

My very high blood pressure is now normal and I'm no longer diabetic. My lung function is normal and I have lost 14 and a half inches of body fat so far. I am stronger, feel healthier, have energy, can physically do lots of things I couldn't before and feel miles more confident. Got my independence and my life back”


"I was dealing with excruciating back pain and sciatica from a bulging disc and a pinched sciatic nerve.

The care plan they provided was a game-changer for me. Initially, Osteopathy treatments alleviated my pain. Then, as I got better, we tackled the root problem with targeted rehabilitation exercises to improve my posture and strengthen my back.

I can't recommend Clarks Healthcare enough! Their service and personalized care plans are unparalleled. Truly top-notch treatment – a solid 10/10!"


"I'm in my 90s and I truly love coming here. The Healthy Living Programme at Clarks Healthcare has made such a significant difference in my life. I exercise at the studio three times a week, and it's not only helped to keep my blood pressure under control, but it's also improved my walking immensely, keeping me out of a wheelchair and maintaining my independence.

The team at Clarks is always so attentive and ensures that all the exercises are tailored to my health needs and mobility issues. I can exercise safely, which is incredibly important at my age.

I'm profoundly grateful to Michael, Lisa, and their wonderful team for their dedication and care. Joining this programme has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to stay active and retain their health and mobility."


“My care experience here was outstanding, surpassing any treatment I've received at other clinics.

The team's exceptional blend of professionalism and personalized attention made me feel truly valued. Their support and advice were pivotal at every step of my tailored care plan. Immense gratitude for the life-changing impact you've had on me and my family”


“After complaining to my Doctors about aches and pains for a few years and getting nowhere, I took myself off to see Michael Clark, who suspected an undiagnosed brain tumour and Acromegaly. He immediately sent me back to my doctor for further medical investigations. After lots of tests he was proved to be right. I have since had successful surgery to remove the tumour. The consultant said that it was only due to Michaels quick actions that it didn’t become serious. Michael from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You are my knight in shining armour.”

Kim Burke

"I was involved in a severe road traffic accident that resulted in my back being broken in 12 places and my sternum being crushed. The combination of osteopathic treatments and one-on-one rehabilitation sessions through their studio programme has been incredible. Without their expert care and tailored rehabilitation plan, I truly believe I would be facing a life of disability. Their support has been amazing and invaluable in my recovery. They are the best in their field"

Roger Esgrove

“I had a serious accident which crushed my spine leaving me disabled. Thanks to Lisa and Michael they keep me pain free and able to walk. Without them I would be wheelchair bound and in tremendous pain. They are kind and caring and I can’t recommend them enough"

Adrian Hobden

"I have been visiting osteopaths for the past 20 years due to persistent back problems, but it wasn't until I discovered Clarks that I truly felt understood and cared for. Their osteopathy treatment initially drew me in, highlighting their professionalism, kindness, and personalized approach. Encouraged by this positive experience, I decided to embark on their Healthy Living Programme. Facing personal trauma and various health issues, I was initially sceptical about starting exercise later in life, especially since I've always disliked it. However, the personalized exercise routines, stretching, and the incredible encouragement from Clarks' team have transformed me. Today, I am the fittest I have ever been, significantly trimmer, toned, and my back is much stronger, which has also greatly improved my mood. Michael is knowledgeable, and he and his friendly team addressed each issue with exceptional care. Their support, treatment, dietary advice, and the overall friendly but professional attitude are commendable. I cannot recommend Michael and his team enough for the remarkable changes they've helped me achieve. Thanks to everyone at Clarks for the new me!"

Lesley-Ann Bullock

Mark Cruz
“I was feeling a little apprehensive but booked an appointment to see Michael after my friend recommended him. He soon put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. He has a wealth of knowledge, and was able to explain my condition and how to resolve my pain. After my first treatment, I felt so much better and pain free. Thanks to Michael my back is 100% better. Massive thank you!!!”

Ryan Toms
“Really great treatment at Clarks Healthcare. I was misdiagnosed by a local chiropractor, and after 15 sessions I was not getting any better. I saw Michael at the clinic and after just 2 sessions, the pain and stiffness in my neck has pretty much gone. Really happy with the results, and would recommend this practice to anyone.”

Karen Hall
“I have worked in an office for over 20 years. Inevitably I have had a number of issues of back pain and headaches. I saw a number of specialists but nobody has impressed me as much as Michael did. He’s professional, knowledgeable and, most important, has a clients’ health at heart. I have never felt better! Seeing Michael for treatment and doing the exercises that he gives me to do at home has helped my posture and resolved my back problems and headaches. Michael and his Osteopaths are excellent. If you are similar to me, I recommend calling Clarks Healthcare, I feel you will be really happy with the results. 10/10”

Billy Rice
“I came due to a long term back sciatica problem. The treatment and rehab has really helped. I’ve noticed a significant change and feel I am now well on the road to a full recovery. Friendly, down to earth and always professional. Can highly recommend.”

Nicole Brookes
“I first visited Clarks Osteopath after prolapsing a disk in my lower back. Following a frustrating experience with doctors who ultimately told me there wasn’t really anything that could be done, I sought a second opinion. After researching an overwhelming number of services promising help, I based my decision on location. It’s probably not the best way to decide, but I was lucky as it turned out to be the right decision for me. I completed treatments for the disk injury, and once I felt slightly more human again, I was advised that the best way to prevent the injury from recurring was to strengthen my core. So, after a consultation, I signed up for Clark’s rehabilitation program. An initial assessment was carried out that looked at key areas impacting my health, such as sleep, diet, and hydration. From there, a personalized program was put together. With help and support provided in the studio, the hard work began. Three years on, I am still maintaining my core strength and have found the effort to have paid off, as my overall health is far better balanced. I would recommend Clark’s rehabilitation, but you must be committed to putting the work in to gain the benefits.”

Keven Phelps
“Good friendly service, injuries progressed well with osteopathy treatments and rehab. Will continue to use for prevention.”

Connie Boatright
“Very friendly atmosphere in a modern up to date clinic. The team really cares about their patients. Would highly recommend.”

William Swift
“I was referred to the Hand Clinic by my surgery, which suspected I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I had been waiting for months for a referral letter that never arrived, and eventually, I gave up waiting. I had passed by Clarks many times and finally decided to make an appointment. On the day of my first visit, I was quite nervous, but I was greeted by Michael, who instantly made me feel comfortable. He conducted a thorough health check, took my blood pressure, and assessed my condition. Right away, he discovered that I did not have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Instead, he diagnosed me with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, a compression of my arteries—a condition my surgery had incorrectly diagnosed as Bursitis.

Michael worked diligently, manipulating my arms and shoulder areas and provided me with a home exercise program. His knowledge extends not only to his field of expertise but also to general day-to-day life. I have been visiting there for a few weeks now, and my general health has improved significantly. I am more flexible, my brain fog has cleared, and I am standing straighter—my life has been transformed for the better. Choosing Clarks was the right decision, and I cannot thank Michael and his team enough for what they have done for me. I highly recommend Clarks to all my family and friends for their fantastic results and excellent care.”

Vincent Priest
“I always feel happy and comfortable when I am there and leave feeling confident in the advice she gives and the treatment techniques she uses. 100% recommended”

Sarah Horton
“I came all through my pregnancy
to help with the changes to my body and then afterwards to get me back in shape. I highly recommend Clarks as I found their pregnancy care plan really effective.

They’re a friendly good fun bunch of people”

Jean Clarke
“The Osteopaths at Clarks are brilliant. I suffer with extreme migraines; neck pain and I also have a twisted pelvis. After just a few treatments they have me pain free and able to move freely again. I would highly recommended Clarks. They are extremely good at what they do and fairly priced too. Best Osteopaths in Essex and believe me over the years I have tried several different practises but now I would never go anywhere else other than Clarks. They are the best in the business and I’m so grateful for how quickly they fix me.”

"Regular treatment through my pregnancies kept me pain free and mobile. After they coached me through an exercise programme to help me recover and get my body healthy again.”

I’ve recommended Clarks Healthcare to all of my friends and family. You’ll definitely be pleased you came”

Annika Selley

"I have been suffering from persistent numbness, pins and needles and burning sensations in my hands and feet for the last 18 months. My GP suggested possible Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and mentioned that I may need to have Injections in my hands and feet, something which I was not looking forward to.

I had visited Michael previously for a back problem and he had helped cure the pain considerably. This time round, after the first visit, the pins and needles have almost gone and the burning sensations have stopped.

Michael, Lisa and the team go above and beyond to deliver excellent care and attention to all their patients. If you are in any pain or discomfort, definitely book an appointment with them, you won't be disappointed."

Ann Parsons

"I've been visiting Clarks Healthcare for my back pain and headaches, and I can't express enough how welcoming and kind everyone has been. Michael, Lisa, and Adam have been wonderful to work with. They are not only knowledgeable but also incredibly supportive and make me feel completely at ease during every visit. The atmosphere at the clinic is so friendly, it really makes a difference to my entire experience. I genuinely look forward to each appointment. I wholeheartedly recommend Clarks Healthcare to anyone looking for effective treatment and a truly caring team. A heartfelt thank you to everyone at the clinic!"

Shelley Cable-bush

"I broke my wrist 3 months ago, and although I was given some exercises to do by the hospital, I didn’t feel the recovery was moving fast enough. So, I decided I would seek help and I am so glad I did.

I started going to Clark’s just over a month ago, and due to the care and exercises Michael has given me I have much more movement in my wrist and hand. I can’t thank Michael enough for all his continual help and advice."

Jan Wardle

"After suffering from a neck and back injury for many months with no signs of improvement, I decided to book an appointment with Clarks Osteopaths in Benfleet. My best friend had seen both Michael and Lisa at Clarks and highly recommended them. From the outset, Lisa conducted a thorough assessment of my neck and back, reassuring me that my issues were manageable and not of a serious nature. The clinic itself is immaculate and provides a very comfortable environment for treatment.

Lisa not only treated me but also coached me through a variety of mobility and strengthening exercises that I could perform at home. She clearly and concisely explained my treatment plan, making it easy to understand and follow.

A few weeks into the treatment, we adjusted the plan to better suit my increasing strength and comfort with the exercises. This personalized approach kept the recovery process engaging and more effective than the generic exercises I had experienced with NHS physiotherapy in the past.

I am thrilled to report that my neck and back pain have completely resolved, and I am back to full strength. I now confidently manage my daily tasks and gym workouts. Throughout this process, I've gained a deep understanding of my body, identifying key areas to focus on to enhance my mobility and posture to prevent future injuries. This proactive approach has been transformative.

For anyone in need of osteopathic services, I cannot recommend Clarks Osteopaths in Benfleet highly enough. Their expert care and personalized treatment plans are truly exceptional."

Lyndsey Parker

Emily Spence
“Clarks has been truly exceptional in helping me manage and overcome my back pain that followed my pregnancy. From my very first appointment, the team demonstrated not only their expertise but also genuine care for my wellbeing. Their personalized approach to treatment targeted my specific issues, providing relief and strengthening exercises that have made a significant difference in my daily life. I’ve received ongoing support and guidance throughout my recovery, which has been instrumental in helping me return to my pre-pregnancy activities. I am deeply grateful to everyone at Clarks for their dedication and kindness during this challenging time. Thank you so much for making such a positive impact on my health and well-being!”

Lesley Wright
“I have been a client for around 8 years. All the staff are fantastic and have helped me with injuries and illness successfully. So much so that I am now working with them in the rehabilitation studio. More successful than NHS physiotherapy. I would thoroughly recommend Lisa, Micheal and their whole team.”

Michelle Munson
“Amazing! Suffered from back pain for ages, GP not really helped except to give really horrible pain meds. Came to Clarks and in two sessions am feeling so much better. These guys just help and explain everything really well. Would totally recommend these osteopaths.”

Bridget Smith
“I suffered with severe shoulder pain and spondylitis and I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow in the mornings. Thanks to their amazing care plan they fixed my problems without needing surgery. I now visit monthly to keep myself in good health. So if you are suffering pain in any way I would recommend you put an appointment at Clarks Healthcare on your priority list!”

Steve Horton
“I am currently over from Bermuda and was recommended to see the team at Clark’s and I was not disappointed. Three sessions later my Sacroiliac SI joint issue is much improved with a plan in place for the future”

"Very impressed with the service and osteopathy treatment. As a larger woman, I was incredibly self-conscious. The idea of visiting an osteopath was daunting, but I was in so much pain with my neck, back, and shoulder that I couldn’t take it anymore. My family suggested Clark’s Osteopaths in Benfleet. I was nervous but gave them a call. The lovely receptionists put my mind at ease and explained everything to me.

I was booked in with Lisa Clark, who is one of the owners. She immediately put me at ease. She took a thorough medical history and examined me. Lisa explained everything in a way I could understand and discussed my treatment options in a no-pressure, friendly manner. I had treatment at the first session and felt better immediately. Having been in pain for so long, to feel better at the first session exceeded my expectations. I had osteopathy treatment alongside exercising in their rehabilitation studio. I’m now pain-free and feeling better than I have in years. Anyone in pain should give Clark’s Osteopathy a call. If you are nervous like I was, there is no need to be. The clinic is modern and fully equipped. The receptionists and all the staff are lovely and welcoming. I can’t recommend Lisa and her team enough, brilliant 10/10."

Frances Hall

“I have had back/hip pain for over 3 years finally getting it sorted, and only after 2 appointments, my hip has stopped clicking and the pain i would say has decreased 50%. I’m ecstatic about how much better I feel plus the nutritional advice is invaluable! Can’t wait for my next session and rehab programme to correct everything. So far this has been an amazing experience, with professional, friendly and informative service!”

Kayleigh Leese

Charlotte Penn
“I would really recommend Clark’s to anyone who needs help and support. I do sports that require a lot physically and Clark’s have really helped with injuries as well as given great support, advice and exercises to relieve pain and discomfort. I have felt almost instant relief and I always go to Clark’s for help. I couldn’t recommend them more.”

Katie Prime
“Lovely team of professionals and a warm, friendly atmosphere to walk into.”

James Bryan
“The care, experience and treatment you receive at Clarks Osteopath’s is unrivalled. Highly recommend.”

"I came to this clinic after a road traffic accident. I was hit from the side and spun across the road facing the wrong way. I sustained neck, back and shoulder injuries. I went to my doctors and they just told me to take pain killers and the pain would go away. I was losing a lot of time from work and getting no-where at the doctors. I was unable to sleep, concentrate and was getting loss of feeling in my arms and legs.

A friend of mine had good results from treatment following a similar whiplash so I booked an appointment. They were fantastic! It was explained what was causing the symptoms and why. After only a couple of treatments I was able to start going back to work. I wish I had gone there straight away, if I had of done my injuries would have been significantly less.

I want to say to anyone reading this, don't sit there in pain taking medication, it is not the answer, get it sorted out. These guys are a fantastic and I would still be unable to work if it wasn't for them. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me"

Martyn Penn

"Outstanding! I had been enduring 18 months of severe back pain and excruciating sciatica down my right leg. I couldn't work or even sleep through the night. Despite trying NHS physiotherapy, steroid injections, acupuncture, and a lengthy chiropractic treatment program, my condition worsened, and the pain began spreading to my other leg. At this point, my doctor at Rushbottom Lane referred me to Mr. Kazim, a top back surgeon. He suggested trying osteopathy at Clarks in Benfleet as a final alternative before considering a disc spinal fusion.

During my initial visit, Lisa Clark assessed my condition, immediately diagnosed the issue, explained my options, and outlined a comprehensive treatment plan. It only took a few visits to start feeling considerably better, and with each appointment, my condition improved. I was provided with exercises to do at home, and once I was ready, I began personalized training in their studio.

The care plan was a success! I was discharged from the consultant's care and have fully recovered. Throughout the process, I was treated with utmost kindness and patience. I strongly recommend Clarks Healthcare to my friends and family for their professionalism and effective treatment approach!"

Bob Hall

“Lisa completely cured my pain. I go straight to Lisa rather than the GP. I can’t praise them enough, this is an amazing clinic. Outstanding!”

Deborah Wallington

"I've had an outstanding experience with the osteopath services here. Additionally, being part of the Healthy Living Programme has significantly improved my overall well-being. I can't recommend them highly enough—truly excellent in every way."

Brett Gill

"I had an unbelievably positive experience at Clarks - their customer service is excellent and they have made such a difference to my life! Before, I could hardly walk without pain but after seeing them I have found that even after strenuous exercise I feel no pain in my lower back. Thanks so much to Michael and Lisa - I would happily recommend them to anyone!"

Alex Jones

Alex Franson
“I use to go to a Chiropractor which would give me a quick crack in a short 10 minute session. I wasn’t really improving so following the recommendation of a friend called Clarks Osteopaths in Benfleet. After speaking with the friendly receptionist (Sue and Jean are lovely) I was delighted to hear that my first consultation would be an entire hour and include treatment. At the Chiropractors I never had the time to go through everything but at Clarks they were able to put the pieces together and see how my different pains were connected. They also put an actual care plan in place how to help me feel better and to stop it coming back. They use a range of hands on techniques which helped much more just cracking joints. They also designed an individual exercises programme. I am happy to say this is the most comprehensive care plan I’ve ever had. Working with Lisa, Michael and their rehab team is a pleasure.”

Sharon Kadwill
“I would highly recommend Clarks Osteopaths. I went to them in immense back pain, received brilliant treatment and advice and then they started my plan for rehabilitation. Thoroughly recommend.”

Sara Palmer
“Always a professional service. I walk out taller and better educated on my health. Have used these osteopaths for over 15 years, wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

"Fantastic! I went for treatment at another osteopaths in Benfleet and wasn’t improving. My friend suggested I try Clark’s osteopaths for second opinion. My experience with Michael at Clark’s osteopaths was totally different. I had a thorough examination and everything was explained to me. I was explained what treatment would involve and what exercises I needed to do at home. The hands on osteopathy and combined with corrective exercise worked. I’m over the moon with the results. Within 2 sessions I was back to work and I’m now pain free. Anyone in pain of any kind should contact Clark’s, it’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make."

Dave Spurrier

"Since the early 2000s, I have been a devoted patient of Clarks Osteopathic and Complementary Healthcare. Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and warned I might never play sports again, I faced a daunting challenge. However, Lisa’s expert osteopathic care and comprehensive rehabilitation program turned my despair into hope. Through regular osteopathy sessions and a personalized rehabilitation plan, I was not only able to return to playing netball within six months but also competed at higher levels, completely injury-free, thanks to the continuous support and maintenance provided by Lisa. Her strategies significantly improved both my physical and mental health, empowering me to regain full functionality and confidence. Lisa’s ongoing care over the years has helped me stay active and preserve my quality of life, even as I relocated. The level of genuine care, personalized attention, and expertise in both osteopathy and rehabilitation that Lisa and Michael provide at Clarks is unparalleled. I am forever grateful for their dedication and highly recommend their services to anyone seeking effective rehabilitation and osteopathic care."

Clare Struthers

Charlotte Fulford
“Fantastic place highly recommended! By far the best osteopaths I have been to.”

Kayleigh Hall
“I came to see Lisa at Clark’s Healthcare in Benfleet after a serious car accident caused whiplash to my neck, fracturing my ribs and left me with agonising neck pain and recurring headaches. I tried the standard route of NHS physio but was no better.

I wish I had gone to Lisa straight away. She knew exactly what to do to get me on the road to recovery. She offers an outstanding service. The receptionists and all the osteo and rehab team are friendly and welcoming, the treatment is excellent and the exercise advice works.

If you want a friendly service with excellent treatment and advice then see Lisa and her team. I highly recommend. Thank you”

Tracy Craddock
“I can’t praise Clark’s enough—they are truly remarkable! When I first visited Clark’s, I was in excruciating pain, approaching my late 40s, and descending stairs one step at a time, much like my 80-year-old aunt. The situation was disheartening, especially since I was overweight and unable to exercise due to Arthritis.

I will forever be grateful for the day I decided to visit Clark’s. I was fortunate enough to have my initial consultation with Mike, the boss man, while Lisa, his equally incredible wife, is the boss lady. Mike didn’t just focus on the ribs and lower back issues I came in with; he diagnosed other underlying problems and recommended I join the Rehabilitation program.

Joining the Healthy Living Programme was undoubtedly the best decision I’ve ever made. I am now nearly pain-free, healthier, and more fit than I’ve been in years. I can effortlessly run up and down the stairs and have achieved things I thought were no longer possible—all thanks to the comprehensive care and expertise of the entire team at Clark’s. They’ve become like a second family to me and my husband, who also joined after witnessing my transformation.

Thanks to Clark’s, I’ve regained control of my life, and I cannot thank them enough for their exceptional support and guidance!”

Lianne Jones

“I would highly recommend these osteopaths my Husband, Daughter and myself have had treatment here very professional made us feel 100% comfortable.”

Leigh Bradley
“I have seen more than a few chiropractors and osteopaths previous to seeing Mike Land Lisa, and you knew straight away they do things differently, I impressed me.

They really do take into account the wider perspective of what could be causing the symptoms you are experiencing and are able to put in place if required a comprehensive rehabilitation program to suit ones respective needs. Their caring attitude and attention to detail is second to none.”

Jules Lowndes
“I have seen Mike and Lisa at the clinic and I would highly recommend them both. Very professional and honest. I always got an appointment easily.”

Keeley Reynolds
“Michael and Lisa are an amazing team.  They have always got me back on my feet in no time.”

"I highly recommend this family friendly practice 5*"

Cliff McKellar

"I first saw Lisa at Clark’s Osteopathy around 15 years ago and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They nursed me back to health with a lot of different issues (due to a career in dance). I followed their holistic lifestyle coaching programme and also saw Lisa for treatment too. They’ve seen many of my family members and all have been impressed with what they do. If you want to be out of pain and to understand how to keep your body (and mind) healthy then I highly recommend them!"

Louise Steers

"I joined Clarks Healthcare's Healthy Living Programme after struggling with high blood pressure, postural hypotension, and diabetes. Michael designed a tailored programme that was just the right intensity for me, focusing on improving my overall health and mobility. The one-on-one training in the studio not only helped enhance my mobility but also significantly boosted my confidence in managing my health conditions. Thanks to the dedicated attention and expert guidance, my blood pressure and blood sugar levels are better managed, and my episodes of postural hypotension have decreased markedly. I highly recommend this programme to anyone looking to improve their health in a supportive, personalized environment. Michael and the team at Clarks Healthcare have truly made a difference in my life."

Clive Walter

Bridget Barrington
“After hurting my back as a bedside nurse in hospital, I used Clarks for the acute phase and ended up staying on for the next 3 years. Michael, Lisa and the team are great. From 1:1 workout in the studio to nutrition guidance – they truly support you to meet and maintain your goals. Highly recommend their services!”

Lucy Penn
“All staff are really kind and helpful. I have always come here and after every visit I feel a lot better. In the past I had really bad stomach pains and they have given me really good nutritional advice and ways I can change my diet just by feeling my stomach! This really helped me now I feel better than ever!”

Chloe Parsons
“Fantastic service, very friendly staff that couldn’t be more helpful. Suffer from sciatica and after one treatment the pain and movement were back to normal.”

Sarah King
“I have been attending for a couple of months now and can say that I have always received 1st class treatment advice and support. I would highly recommend to anyone.”

Aj Sydney
“I definitely recommend going to Clark’s. I have been here multiple times due to lower back injuries from working. After every appointment I have felt such a difference and feel so much better.”

Amy Peters
“I’ve been using the Clarks Studio program for the last 7 years and have lost 2.5 stone in weight and have been getting fit and healthy. Always professional and great value for money.”

Phil Helm
“I have used Clarks Osteopaths for several years now as the need arose. I am a tradesman who now and again has suffered from strained back, shoulders and knees, etc at work. Clarks have been able to ease these episodes quickly and effectively.

All the staff are professional, considerate, and friendly. I would always recommend them to anyone.”

Elaine Helm
“I always recommend Clarks Osteopath and Healthcare to family and friends. I have used their osteopathy, rehabilitation studio and well-being programme over several years.

Their knowledgeable and friendly staff have always helped me immensely and I found their exercise studio excellent for 1-2-1 programmes.

Michael Clark also gives very interesting health presentations, at the surgery, related to everyday general health and diet matters. These presentations are very well attended and Michael has a very enjoyable way of conveying his message across.

I recommend them 100%.”

Alicia court
“Excellent service from start to finish. I felt extremely looked after. Highly recommend.”

“I always find the team at Clarks to be friendly, helpful and informative. I cannot fault the treatment and aftercare that I have received. Follow up appointments are based on need with no hard sell, and I always leave with helpful exercises and advice to aid healing between sessions.”

Nicola Guilder

"Before joining Clarks Healthcare's Healthy Living Programme, I struggled significantly with severe back pain and stiffness, which affected my mobility and quality of life. The creaking noises every time I moved were a constant reminder of my condition. After being told I had severe degeneration from an X-ray, I was desperate for a solution. That's when I found Clarks Healthcare. Michael set up a tailored programme that not only addressed my acute back issues but also included a healthy eating and lifestyle plan. These manageable changes have greatly reduced my gout flare-ups and overall discomfort. I've seen various osteopaths and physiotherapists over the years, but the care and results I've received from Clarks Healthcare are unparalleled. I am truly impressed with the results and have never looked back. Coming here was the best decision I've made for my health. Well recommended!"

Julian Strauss

"After being recommended to Clarks for severe back pain following a car accident, I contacted them to make an appointment. After my consultation and first treatment I was confident and already feeling better than my previous treatment from the NHS. After several visits I was back to 100%. A great team with exceptional knowledge. Highly recommend."

Dan Parsons

Scott Saunders
“After suffering with back pain, I booked up an appointment with the clinic. I was instantly impressed with Micheals knowledge not only did the treatment help me he gave a detailed explanation into why I am struggling and gave advice moving forward with stretches and general day to day life to help prevent further pain. I would not hesitate to recommend them highly”

Adam Berreen
“All the osteopaths are really professional, caring and knowledgeable. Great facilities and great staff. I can’t recommend them enough!”

Kalpana Patel
“I would recommend Clarks to anyone. It’s definitely the best money I’ve ever spent. Fixed and treated things GPs couldn’t. I’m feeling so much better, more mobile & cannot believe the difference regular treatments from Clarks has had on my life. Pain that has been there for many years has nearly completely gone! Thank you so much. Highly Recommended a definite 5 Stars from me ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Lizzy Youngs
“Mike, Lisa and all their team are excellent! Effective treatment and useful, practical advice on what we can do to help ourselves regarding pain management, lifestyle changes, exercise and daily stretching. Highly recommended!”

Tyler Crockford
“An amazing osteopaths with very welcoming staff. With Michael’s years of knowledge and experience he helped me get my knee back on track. Can’t recommend this place enough!”

"I’ve played sport all my life. My severe knee pain was stopping me doing what I love most which is Golf. My friend was successfully treated here and highly recommends them so I decided to travel the long distance and see if they could help me. The improvement has been truly amazing! I can play golf 3x per week without pain and now I come for monthly maintenance care. I’m indebted to Michael!”

Tony Edge

"Clarks Osteopaths in Benfleet have been amazing, really help me get back on track when I injured my shoulder at work. I have also taken my children for treatment due to sports injuries. All the staff at Clark’s are very professional and knowledgeable. Anyone looking for non-invasive effective alternative therapy, I would highly recommend Clarks Healthcare"

Patricia Penn

"Had trouble with my back for so long I found Clarks in Benfleet after trying a few different places and can honestly say the team here are fantastic after spending time going over the issues and sorting a plan I feel like a new man. The staff are all friendly and take the time needed with you. Anyone needing a good osteopath this is 100% the team for you."

Shaun Madigan

"Absolutely amazing experience—I would definitely recommend you to anyone, mate. This has not only given me a better understanding of my bone structure, but also, after just a few hours at home, I'm beginning to feel somewhat normal again. There’s still plenty to work on, but thank you once again for the great start."

Dean Glover

Wendy Peacock
“Michael and his team have been fantastic. I could barely move due to disc problems but not only have my disc problems been resolved, I am now fitter and stronger than ever. I cannot recommend them higher – professional and caring throughout the team.”

Kelly Kiewik
“Excellent service at Clark’s osteopath. Michael and Lisa are both amazing at what they do. They are so knowledgeable about the body and how it works. I now go regularly for maintenance to keep my body functioning at its best after initially going for a severe back problem.”

Lauren Gill
“Excellent osteopath practice, very professional. Also, a member of the healthy living programme which has really helped me.”

Matthew Jones
“I have used Clarks Osteopaths & healthcare over a number of years, in particular Michael, I have always found the service I have received to be of the highest quality, a very professional & friendly nature. I would highly recommend their services.”

Peter Haling
“Amazing osteopathic treatment. Best I’ve had in years. Thank you so much 🙏”

Tasha Pippa
“5 star treatment every visit. Everything explained to you so you understand what’s happening.  Friendly staff, who make you feel relaxed. Great trainers who help you get to your fitness back. Something for everyone no need to be in pain.”

Beth Healey
“Amazing! The help I have had from Adam and Mike over the past few months due to badly dislocating my knee. The treatment combined with rehab has been incredible and I wouldn’t be anywhere near as close to recovery as I am without their help!!”

"I am deeply grateful for all the support and expertise I received during the world championships. Your help was invaluable and played a crucial role in my performance. Thank you!"

Maureen Sage

World Champion

"Playing rugby at a competitive level, it's crucial to stay in top physical condition, and Clarks Healthcare has been instrumental in achieving that. After a rough tackle left me with a knee injury, I feared my season was over. However, the expertise at Clarks in both osteopathy and rehabilitation allowed me to not only recover faster than expected but also return stronger. Their personalized rehabilitation program, tailored specifically to the demands of rugby, enhanced my performance and resilience on the field. The team at Clarks, with their deep understanding of sports injuries and recovery protocols, provided continuous support and guidance throughout my recovery. Thanks to their outstanding care, I was able to return to play with confidence, better equipped to handle the physical challenges of the game. I can’t recommend Lisa, Michael and their team enough for any athlete looking for comprehensive injury recovery and performance enhancement. Truly a game changer!"

Ryan Hill

“Fantastic! I go straight to Lisa to fix any injury. Anyone who is involved in sports should visit Clarks Healthcare”

Emma Batchelor

Jill Lawrence
“Michael clearly explained the anatomical reasons for my bursitis and treatment has proved successful. A monthly visit helps to keep me on an even keel.”

Carol Abbott
“I had had pain and swelling in my left knee for several years that was slowly getting worse. I also had shooting pains in both hands that were becoming more frequent and severe. Being 75 years old, I was concerned that I was becoming increasingly restricted in my daily life.

Clarks was recommended to me by a friend, and when I contacted them, I was assigned to Michael.

On my first visit he did a thorough assessment, gave me useful life style advice, treated my knee and both hands and gave me some gentle exercises to do on a regular basis. All round improvement was immediate. This improvement has been maintained and progressed over the past year. When ready, I am given additional exercises to do, all of which are helping me to regain function, mobility and flexibility.

I’m no longer feeling old for my age!”

Mandy Clark
“I had a torn muscle in my leg and was in a panic as I was walking my son down the aisle for his wedding the next day. Michael was so kind to start his day earlier and fit me in, my leg feels so much better now.”

physio in benfleet

"I visited Clarks after years of suffering from neck pain that would leave me with a lack of mobility for weeks at a time, but since seeing Michael for the past year, my neck hasn’t given me pain once. Having tried various clinics and treatments to no avail, I am now a monthly client at Clarks and wouldn’t go anywhere else. I recommend them to all my friends."

Shonagh Scott-

"Highly recommended.  Michael and team genuinely care about their patients. I've been a customer for 14 years and would not go anywhere else for treatments."

James Biffen

Susan Proserpi
“I had an issue with my ankle and am extremely pleased with the treatment I received at Clarks. I can now walk as if there had never been a problem! During these challenging times, I was impressed by the cleanliness and the measures they took to protect their clients. My son, who has been treated here for various sports injuries (now resolved), recommended Clarks to me. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in need of care!”

Marc Cecil
“I have been with Clarks for the last three months following a shoulder injury. Having been to a number of local Osteopaths, Physios and Chiropractors over the years I have been delighted with the practical “get it fixed” attitude, the broad knowledge base of much more than just Osteopathy and the booking system with regular reminder for appointments and easy reschedule policy. I won’t be going anywhere else….”

Grace Grzywna
“I first visited Clarks Osteopath after being told by doctors that I had sciatica. I could hardly walk and was unable to sleep or even sit down without extreme pain. They prescribed painkillers and mentioned it could take up to 8 weeks to improve. However, after 8 weeks, there was no relief, so I went to Clarks where Michael immediately diagnosed me with a bulging disc, which he said wouldn’t heal on its own. A subsequent X-ray confirmed this diagnosis. Even after the first session, I could feel a significant difference. I am still undergoing treatment, but my mobility and sleep have dramatically improved, and the pain has considerably eased. I will continue the treatment until I am fully recovered. Michael is incredibly knowledgeable and empathetic. He has helped me immensely, and I cannot thank or recommend him and Clarks enough. His work has been outstanding and highly professional.”

Jack Desmond
“Been coming here for years, good service every time I use them and would recommend completely. I usually get help from Adam or Micheal but all the team here are great.”

Mitesh Patel
“Been using Clarks for a few years now and always found them to be very helpful and giving guidance how to self manage condition. Could not recommend the team enough.”

James Dean
“The best practice I have been to. First class treatment and always make you feel at ease. An instant improvement after a visit and given on going solutions to do at home too. Highly recommend.”

Julie Moon
“Currently having treatment here with Michael and the progress I’ve made in just 3 weeks is amazing. Michael is professional, knowledgeable and very easy to get along with. Having conversation whilst receiving treatment really puts me at ease. Can highly recommend Clarks. Thank you, Michael!”

physiotherapist in benfleet near me

"I can’t recommend Clark’s enough. Michael has a wealth of knowledge and was able to correct a handful of long lived problems. I now visit monthly for ongoing maintenance which is always a fantastic experience and I feel great! 10/10"

Tommy Archer

"I've been visiting Clarks for shoulder and back pain, and the osteopathy treatments paired with rehab exercises have been excellent. Five stars for sure! Thank you, Clarks!"

Gillian Rowe

chiropractor benfleet

"I have been using Clarks Healthcare for a while now to correct some posture issues, staff are very friendly and polite and I am very happy with the service received. Also, friendly and welcoming in pleasant surroundings. Thank you!"

Lisa Trendall

Glen Richings
“From my recent experience at Clark’s Osteopath in Benfleet, I am at a loss as to how anyone could give anything but a glowing review to Michael and his team. In the past few months, I’ve been under Michael’s care for back pain that was previously undiagnosed and incorrectly treated. My initial session had me buzzing with excitement at the real possibility of living pain-free, a thought I had scarcely allowed myself to entertain before. Michael is exceptionally knowledgeable, kind, caring, and friendly—you couldn’t ask for a better practitioner. The practice’s credentials are prominently displayed, instilling confidence and comfort that you are in capable hands.

Throughout the lockdown, the practice has rigorously adhered to all safety protocols to ensure a virus-free environment, underscoring the professionalism I’ve come to regard as standard here. The clinic is consistently clean, and the staff are invariably friendly. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Clark’s Osteopathic & Complementary Healthcare, especially Michael, to anyone seeking effective treatment—you will always be in the safest of hands. Keep up the outstanding work, Michael and team. GMAC”

Sharon Gevaux
“I have been going to Clark’s Healthcare for 11 years and am by always grateful for the treatment I receive. I usually only need 1 treatment and am never pressurised into booking any extra treatments only as when I need them.

After going here for 11years, I can’t recommend them enough. Outstanding”

Sarah Brown
“My husband has been seeing Michael for the last few weeks for an injury to his hip / groin / back area.  Michael has relieved the pain and enabled movement to be back to near normal all within three sessions.  We would highly recommend Clarks.  Thank you, Michael.”

Josie Skinner
“Currently having treatment with Lisa for my upper back, neck & Jaw pain (TMJ) and after one session & doing the exercises Lisa has given me, I can already see improvements. Really pleased so far & wish I started seeing her sooner”

Kay Shaw
“Since 2009 when I had a prolapsed disc & was in agony, I have been to Clarks for treatment to get me out of acute pain with flare ups on & off for years. They are all so kind, experienced & skilled & have helped me out of dire straits at my lowest moments when in agony and struggling to function. Eventually after lots of ups & downs, when life less demanding with children grown up, I started their rehabilitation plan, attending the studio where that worked with me one on one and  helped me with exercise plan created. It was specifically tailored to my needs by a Qualified Osteopath and rehab specialist. After several month I’d improved my core strength & balance & learnt how to manage my injury & continue to carefully exercise. I am no longer scared of exercise & fearful of the pain as have so much self-awareness. I now do Ballroom, Latin & Salsa dancing 2-3 nights a week. Thanks to incredible help from osteopaths, I am fitter now than I was in 2009!! This has helped me lose 2 stone this Summer too. This was not possible before & so I feel so much healthier & happier! I would recommend Clarks to anyone with pain.”

“What a wonderful place, I have been making appointments on and off for the past 5 years. Normally I have a couple of excellent treatments and I'm back to normal, the staff aren't pushy and always ask you when you'd like to book, definitely a 10 out of 10.”

Scott Evans

"Absolutely fantastic practice! A huge credit to the industry, had an incident and caused trauma to my neck (un-able to freely move my head in any direction). Reception managed to fit me in whilst away over Xmas. I see Adam Price, cannot recommend him highly enough! Very engaging, thorough in what he does and managed to correct my compacted vertebrae I believe it was. Instantly gave me the ability to move my head again! He could possibly be a Magician! Best osteopath/chiropractor I've visited in the 10+ practices I've used in my lifetime."

Kane Ellis

physio in benfleet

"5 star all round, always there when needed the most, excellent treatment, rehab and recovery 👍👍"

Rob Peita-Read

Peter Jones
“Can’t recommend Clark’s Osteopath highly enough. From the excellent consultation process, to the treatment but also recovery plan. Five stars all round.”

Andrew Evans
“I went to Clarks Osteopaths in Benfleet with back problem after examination and treatment I was given exercise to do at home 1 week later feeling much better very professional outfit would definitely recommend five star service”

Andrew Bailey
“I would highly recommend Clarks Osteopaths for excellent, effective and caring treatment.  Michael and Lisa and their team are all very experienced and over the years I have had first class treatment to resolve sore and stiff neck, knee issues and sore lower back.  In addition, I have been using their healthy lifestyle program using their gym on 1:1 with experienced trainer completing specific exercises designed exclusively for me to strengthen core and improve balance, all over movement and to undo the poor posture I had developed working in an office over the last 30 years.”

Gemma Lucas
“My 5year old has been having appointments with Michael for a few months now, very knowledgeable Guy, and has been fantastic with my son. He has helped lots with my sons treatments and we have seen improvements already!”

"I'm very pleased with the treatment I get from Lisa. I have terrible sciatica and she gives me exercises to do at home to maintain my treatment.  She's really good!"

Michele Harvey

“After 3 major knee surgeries I thought that was the end of my sporting career. Thanks to Lisa and her team I made a full recovery. I always have a positive and professional experience and find the Osteopaths at Clarks Osteopathic Healthcare to be very knowledgeable in the field. They are extremely caring and empathetic and I always feel they provide the best treatment and advice. I happily recommend friends and family to the Clarks Osteopaths as I know they'll be well looked after and on the road to recovery quickly!”

Tara Jelley

Alison Howley
“I’ve been going regularly to see Lisa for a number of years. She has always been there for me whenever I have had a problem with my back, feet, legs, neck, etc. She has always got me back to normal and out of pain. Everybody is very friendly. I highly recommend Clark’s Osteopaths.”

Brenda Way
“I attended with chronic back and neck pain and within 1 session with Michael I felt so much better. I’d been putting it off for ages but so glad I went, it’s made a big difference in my life.”

Joanne Guyett
“Michael relieved my stiff neck almost instantly and advised what I could do at home to help ease it.”

Danny Horton
“Always used Michael & Lisa osteopath centre, & always will. Had treatment years ago & l was sorted very quickly. I’m now under treatment with Michael for hip injury & receiving the best care & advice.”

Steve Hallett
“Clarks managed to quickly diagnose and resolve my issue.  They are friendly and professional.  I would recommend.”

Phil Patterson
“Pain in the neck…no more. A big thanks to Michael. Yesterday morning I could barely move my head as my neck had locked and any movement was really painful. Fortunately, Michael was able to see me the same day. Today, I have full motion back and the pain is receding fast. What a relief! Can’t recommend enough.”

Gary Harper
“The only place that was able to fix my ongoing back problem. Thank you! I’ve tried other osteopaths and physios in the area, but the osteopaths I saw at Clarks were more thorough and gave me detailed exercises to do at home. I would happily recommend Clarks as it was the only place that was able to fix my ongoing back problem. Thank you!”

"I came to Clarks Healthcare in Benfleet on the recommendation of a friend for treatment for back pain. The treatment quickly relieved the back pain, and subsequently advice helped me to relieve a form of sciatica due to problems with the piriformis muscle. Dietary advice on the effects of too much indulgence in the joys of coffee has also greatly improved my dry, chapped skin. Altogether, I am in much better shape thanks to my visits to Clarks Osteopaths"

Rupert Chapman

TV- Expert

“I booked a consultation at Clarks Osteopathic Healthcare on the recommendation of friends. I play netball and as a result have sustained numerous injuries to my ankles and knees. The treatment received from Lisa was FANTASTIC and combining this with their rehabilitation program has enabled me to continue playing. I cannot recommend the treatment and rehab service that I have received enough. As a result, my netball team all use Clarks Healthcare.”

Rachel Jones

"I have used Clarks osteopath for lower back and more recently neck pain and always very welcoming and first-class service. Michael is professional and always lets you know what to expect from the start. 100% recommend to anyone who has any issues or simply to maintain good health."

Dwayne Beaton

"The whole team are beyond helpful, friendly, and flexible even with my hectic working hours. Amazing team, very professional environment! I couldn't be more grateful to Michael who has helped me with my stubborn sciatica and back pain, and I feel better than ever now! The whole team are beyond helpful, friendly, and flexible even with my hectic working hours. I would highly recommend Clarks Osteopaths in Benfleet; they are truly the best!"

Sharon Palmer

Gregory Clarke
“My consultant recommended me to Clarks Healthcare after a skiing accident left my knee badly damaged. My consultant explained that he regularly refers motivated patients who are trying to avoid surgery to Clarks. I had torn both my ACL as well as the meniscus and desperately wanted to get it fixed without undergoing the knife if I could. The kind receptionist I spoke with organized my appointment and explained everything to me. I worked with both Michael, Lisa, and their onsite rehab team. “

Jodie Watson
“Brilliant. I’ve been going here for many years, always professional and friendly. Would highly recommend.”

"I am a dance teacher doing allot of physical work during the week and quite often I need a treatment to put my body back in working shape. The treatment I and all my Dance students have received has always been very helpful and highly professional and I would happily recommend Clarks surgery to everyone!"

John Damjanovic

"I came to you because of long term back pain and believed that nothing could be done to give me pain relief. I have been to other osteopaths in the past with no long-term relief.  But Lisa WORKS MAGIC!  Her knowledge is vast and she even treats other areas of my body that became injured due to my original back pain problem.  Lisa Clark is a lovely lady, but that is irrelevant to a degree. Lisa is BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, and BRILLIANT! She does exactly what an Osteopath should do i.e. she managed to fix me when no one else could.  Even my friend who I recommended is very impressed and is going to bring his family along to see Lisa.  What more can I say?  It says it all when I recommended someone and then they themselves recommend other people to"  

Steve Dekoning

Kate Nichols
“Outstanding service, I go straight to the Lisa/Michael rather than the GP. From on-going problems to sport injuries, they can tell me straight away what I’ve done (no x-rays or anything needed), start working on it that day and give me exercises to do at home to help ease the problem. There’s never any pressure to go back if I choose not to. They look at all of you not just the problem and can give tips from your diet that could also be affecting me….Brilliant!!!”

Gayle Matthews
“I am an active person and injured my back in the gym last year. Having tried physio and chiropractic to achieve long term pain relief with little effect I decided to visit Clarks Osteopaths. I have only attended 3 sessions with Katherine however my lower back pain has almost completely resolved and with only gentle manipulation and no bone cracking or heavy-handed pounding! I found the clinic very helpful when I enquired about an appointment and got a lot of info before starting. My therapist was very welcoming, took a thorough history and made me feel reassured that a solution to pain was possible.”

I have been coming to Clarks Healthcare for some time now for different issues resulting from my Lupus which has helped me a huge amount. The most significant treatment was for unexplained complete loss of my voice. After numerous tests my GP had started talking about cancer as my voice had still not returned after 6 weeks. Within minutes of seeing Michael, he knew exactly what the problem was and how to resolve it. Within 1 hour of treatment my voice completely returned and 6 weeks on I've had not a single problem with it. I trust Michael & Lisa with my life and would recommend them to anyone willing to listen. Thank you for everything!”

Diane Boulanger

"A very warm welcome awaits you at this Osteopath clinic which I decided to visit following a fall. I am being treated by Adam Price who makes you feel at ease immediately. Adam is a consummate professional and a very gifted Osteopath who also performs Acupuncture which together is aiding my mobility and easing my pain considerably. Adam is very friendly with a great sense of humour.

I cannot thank you enough and have no hesitation recommending your many skills."

Jean Stone

"I had been in a lot of extreme pain with my neck and then my hip for some time before my husband had suggested I go to Clarks Osteopaths as he had been attending the clinic about a painful back problem and found the treatment, he received had kept him mobile and he no longer needed the painkillers, prescribed by the doctor. I decided to take my husband's advice and to cut a long story short since seeing Lisa neither my neck or hip cause me any pain.

Both my husband and I continue to go to the clinic for a maintenance session a few times a year and as OAPs, find this very beneficial to our general health and wellbeing as we receive any necessary treatment plus valuable and effective lifestyle advice. We find both Lisa and Michael very caring, knowledgeable and professional and have recommended their clinics to many of our friends, who have been very pleased with the advice and treatment they have received-so thanks to both Lisa and Michael"

Patricia & Robert Newell

"I am a typical woman constantly busy and always complaining there are never enough hours in the day and put my aches and pains on the bottom of the priority list... That was until I made my appointment at Clarks Osteopathic Healthcare. From my initial appointment with Michael, I immediately felt at ease and was comfortable in talking about my overall health. I was amazed at his knowledge and the rational he used to explain why I was experiencing the pain and the advice that he gave was invaluable. I have had a series of appointments and have seen great improvements in the pain within my shoulder but more than that from the conversations and advice given he has helped me realise that I can make improvements to my overall health and mental wellbeing. So, if you are suffering pain in any way, I would recommend you put an appointment at Clarks Healthcare on your priority list!"

Teresa Wilson

David Bow
“I struggled on with my back before it got to the point where I physically couldn’t stand up straight at all and I was also unable to bend down to pick something up without massive pain so a friend recommended Clarks to me. After booking I walked into my consultation with pain and no mobility and walked out with full pain free mobility.

I recommend them to anyone I meet who mentions a problem with their back.”

Rebecca Stacey

“I came to see Lisa for a slipped disk. I had received physiotherapy previously and it had not worked at all. Once I had come to Clarks Osteopathic Healthcare, I noticed a big difference after only a couple of appointments. I very quickly moved from weekly appointments, extending to monthly, now as and when is needed and am back to the gym as I was before I had the problem. I happily recommend Clarks Osteopaths to all my friends & family”

" I came to your clinic because I was in quite a lot of discomfort from back and shoulder pain. Lisa has been able to completely cure my pain, I am able to work and sleep much easier, I do get the problem back, but that is due to my work, and have returned and will return again whenever I need to have your help"

Christina Clark

"Been seeing Michael Clark for some years now on & off for one or two separate reasons, both of which I've made a substantial recovery. Took my first appointment after seeing the advert in the Yellow Pages, (amongst a sea of others!), as something told me this was the right place & I was not disappointed! Fair rates for treatment, good reception, e-mail/phone reminders are beneficial so as to not miss an appointment. Proof in itself that an injury or condition can be helped, even cured, without pills or potions by some 'hands on' manipulation coupled with good sound advice. **TOP OF THE CLASS**"

Simon Utton

"I originally went to see Michael Clark for painful weak wrists approx. 2 years ago. With Michael's treatment combined with their rehabilitation program of exercises the pain soon disappeared! I am a new woman since I started to have regular monthly appointments with Michael where he loosens my neck, back and treats my occasional shin splints. I am also so grateful for all the diet and exercise advice that he manages to squeeze into my half hour appointments whilst working his magic. Michael is a mountain of knowledge!

Ruth Storey

Jacqueline Owen
“I originally came to see Lisa due to pelvic pain while pregnant with my third son. I could barely walk and was told by an NHS Physio to pigeon walk and nothing else. Lisa got me walking and within 2 weeks I was gardening again! I felt Amazing! I still visit every 6 weeks to prevent the aches and pains in my back and neck I use to suffer with. Lisa also really helps with my general health and has advised me on vitamins and omega 3 supplements which have been a great help. I have also seen Michael who has been just as informative and professional. I cannot recommend either of them enough, and have done many times.”

Catherine Butler
“Excellent service”

Daniel De Sousa
“Katherine has been treating me for about a year, and I’m very pleased to recommend her to anyone! She’s very attentive, friendly, listens to your individual needs, makes you feel comfortable and above all, really knows her stuff. Being a sporty person I often have back and neck problems and she has always been able to provide some very welcome pain relief!”  

Akin Shokeye
“I suffered with back pain from a motor accident, I attended NHS physio but it did the physio treatment did not have much value for the money, but when I attended Clark Osteopathic surgery, it was different! The consultant at Clarks Healthcare did not waste time asking unnecessary questions and he soon knew what was causing my back problem, he gave me a good therapeutic intervention to ease the pain to my back and left leg, and I will continue the treatment to I fully recover. It’s good to know your clinic!”

Tina Cotgrove
“I nursed for 20 years and it took its toll on my back. I go to the Osteopaths, because it keeps me supple and helps me to strengthen my back. If I get pain a short course of treatment always cures the problem. I would highly recommend anyone with back, neck or knee problems to go to Clarks Osteopaths”

Lizzy Roberts
“Living with chronic sacroiliac joint pain was challenging until I found Clarks Healthcare. The acupuncture and osteopathy combination has brought good improvement and pain relief. Their team is compassionate and professional, and the treatments are highly beneficial “

Steven Bailey
“I was reluctant to try medical acupuncture, but the results speak for themselves. The pain in my shoulders and neck has decreased dramatically. The combination of acupuncture and osteopathy has given me a new lease on life.”

"I came to Clarks Osteopaths as I had been suffering from bad back for nearly 20 years. I had visited other places but none come close to the service and excellent treatment that I received from Clarks. I no longer suffer from the terrible pains that I use to make me feel like I was going to be like it for the rest of my life. I recommend Clarks Healthcare to everyone I know who have had any type of aches and pains."

Paul Plumb

"Since being recommended to Clarks Healthcare by a friend both myself and my wife have been impressed with the level of treatment and advice we have been given.

It's nice to have your treatment explained in a friendly manner and any question answered in
a way that you can understand. You always feel your being treated as an individual rather than another patient and put at ease. The advice offered is always given in a manner that makes you feel your well-being is a genuine concern. We would not hesitate to recommend this practice and those who run it!"

Philip Parsons

"An outstanding Service. I have always found Michael and Lisa to be extremely helpful in alleviating the problems that I have had since my car accident and my long-term migraines. I can always get an appointment within a few days and the aftercare information given has always been beneficial to me. Would like to visit regularly but due to my financial circumstances that is not always possible"

Claire Gibbs

"I find the treatment relieves my back pain and allows me a better quality of life, as I can then enjoy my activities of daily life"

Michael Gregory

"Throughout my association with Michael he has been very professional given fantastic advice and support, and having Arthritis this has been my support. I would recommend both him and his wife Lisa to anybody, in whatever pain they have"

Jennifer White

"My own problems started one Sunday in March 2011 when I had a pain in my elbow. As a self employed brick layer, I was unable to work and a trip to the doctors became a trip to the hospital where I was diagnosed with Spontaneous Locking of Elbow caused by foreign bodies. I was to return to hospital in a weeks time to arrange an appointment to have a right elbow arthroscopy (key hole surgery). Before going down the route of surgery I decided to visit Mr Clark following a recommendation. By the first session I had already gained some movement in the elbow and Mr Clark believed the problem could be resolved without surgery. I went back the next day for more intense work on the elbow which resulted in a big improvement. Mr Clark showed me some exercises to do at home over the weekend which helped and another visit on Monday resulted in considerable movement. At a follow up appointment with the hospital, they were impressed with the amount of movement I had gained. They said to see how things went and gave me a 6-month open appointment. A couple of follow up appointments with Mr Clark over the next month and my elbow was back to normal with no more problems throughout 2011.

You were my last option. Thanks to your expert guidance I was able to avoid surgery and finally resolve my pain”

John Warman

"I had limited mobility due to a frozen shoulder and was aware of discomfort all the time! Since coming I have full range of mobility back and I am no longer in any discomfort. It has helped me so much in my day-to-day activities. If you want friendly, expert treatment and advice then I would recommend this clinic without hesitation!"

Sheila Alsford

"As we are all responsible for our own welfare, it is up to us to keep our body and minds as healthy as possible. I came to Clarks Healthcare to help me succeed in trying to accomplish this. I found that by having regular visits to the clinic my body responded in a positive way. As my body reacted so well, I found that my mental and emotional attitudes improved also. It was explained to me that if the body is in alignment, you achieve a sense of wellbeing. I have found this to be so and find that because my body feels healthier, I feel far better mentally and emotionally.
Find out for yourself and give it a try"

Ann Honey

Diane Warren
“I started seeing Katherine a few years ago, for what was fast becoming a chronic back problem. The constant level of pain was becoming difficult to manage and so I was advised to see an osteopath. From the first appointment, Katherine was professional, thorough in both her questioning and examining and managed to put a very nervous me at ease right away! She explained my problems clearly and helped me to understand how I could work on my back in between appointments. Katherine worked with me to create a set of exercises I could do at home and was great at advising me about other forms of exercise that would be particularly beneficial in my case. She took an interest not only in my medical symptoms, but in me as a whole person. She was always warm and friendly and made an effort to remember the things we chatted about from one appointment to the next, ensuring that I didn’t feel like just another patient on her list to see for the day.”

Melanie Smith
“I was told about Clarks Benfleet Osteopathy by a friend who was having back treatment. I have a lingering neck injury that I suffered several years ago. It often seizes causing me problems. Thankfully after 3 visits to Clarks my neck troubles have ceased, I have also found acupuncture helpful for deep relaxation. I always sleep so well after treatment. I am feeling much better! The pain in my neck has gone and in my shoulder too. It was so worth the investment. I would recommend the treatment highly! Thank you for all the help and kind professional advice.”

The Shimmin Family

Evie – 16 “I am a sixteen-year-old girl who came to the clinic with a twisted scoliosis of the spine. I have had treatment both before and after surgery. What I like most about coming is that I am given time to express my worries and the answers are explained clearly and make me feel better. I am given allot of advice to help me with my pain and given exercises to help my body and my muscles. The treatment always really helps me. Everyone is very kind and caring. I would recommend Clarks whatever your age or problem, they are just great!”

Louise 46 – “I have been a patient at Clarks Osteopathic Clinic for a number of years and I am being treated for health problems ranging from M.E to Arthritis. It is refreshing to meet somebody who is so passionate about health and who is willing to pass on their knowledge to help optimise your own health and fitness. Your problem is always explained clearly and effectively, putting the patient at ease and a treatment plan is put in place for each stage of your recovery. I would highly recommend Clark’s healthcare and cannot praise them enough.”

Nicholas 20 “I came to the clinic due to a mild Scoliosis and pain related to said condition. Treatment alleviated pain. Genuine care and interest are given with regards to the condition, exercises and stretches that will further aid treatment and improve general quality of life.”

"I am a “regular” at Clarks and perhaps one of the best examples of my satisfaction will be shown by the fact that I travel from Upminster for treatment. In my seventies I was already experiencing severe pain in my hips, so when it was suggested that osteopathy might help me, I made an appointment to see someone.  That osteopath was Michael Clark. I did eventually have to have my hips replaced, but while awaiting the operations, Michael kept me as mobile as possible. My GP advised me to use a wheelchair but I managed with crutches, thinking that if I took to a wheelchair, I would never get out of it! Michael ensured that my legs retained strength. Severe Arthritis in my lower back means that I still experience some pain and cannot walk far, but I can move around and do not need to use a wheelchair.

Apart from the actual treatment, I find Clarks Healthcare a very pleasant place to visit. The atmosphere is friendly and cheerful, but always professional, and the Clarks are unfailingly helpful. Overall, let me say that I am glad to have the opportunity to recommend this practice to others, as I feel sure that they will be happy with their treatment here, as I have always been

At 91 years old my check ups and treatment for my Severe Arthritis keeps me walking. I always feel far better physically mentally & emotionally for visiting"

Barbara Mathews

“I had been losing movement in my neck. This caused problems driving as I was unable to turn my head when reversing. Since having treatment, I have had no problems. I follow the exercises prescribed for my neck and this has helped restore full movement. I recommend anyone to visit them!”

Collin Fergusson

emma chiropractor near me in benfleet

"Hi, my name's Emma. I've been coming to Clarks due to persistent back problems. The team here has been incredibly supportive, helping me alleviate not only my back pain but also significantly reducing my frequent headaches and migraines. Thanks to their dedicated care, I can now enjoy my daily activities without pain. I highly recommend them to anyone suffering from similar issues to me. They truly care about you 10/10"


what does an osteopath treat

"I'm  77 years young, and I've been struggling with neck pain. I came to see Michael who very kindly fitted me in at a moment's notice. I thoroughly enjoy my visits here and I'm now really back up and running. I'm looking forward to getting back to my allotment as soon as possible. I would definitely recommend Michael to anyone; his help has been invaluable."

Patrick Feeler

Jean Clark
“Myself and my husband were involved in a major car accident. I suffered with many injuries to my lower and upper back due to the impact of the collision. My Orthopaedic surgeon advised me to go to Clarks Healthcare. He explained that they were experts in these sorts of injuries. Since then, I have been hooked. They are, I believe miracle workers. They gave me tremendous pain relief and because of them I was able to avoid numerous operations. I tell everyone I know who has any pain to see an Osteopath. The Osteopaths at Clarks Healthcare are very understanding, they certainly went the extra mile with me and my husband. They give us the very best care and attention that one could wish to get. They are always on time with the appointments. You never have to wait around for hours on end. You are seen at your allotted appointment time. The clinic is pleasant and very modern. I would recommend them to anyone. I am a true admirer of their profession – the medical world would be a rather sad place without them.”

Lisa Smith
“I came to the clinic as I suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain. I learnt a lot about how my bones are positioned and learnt different ways on how to sit and certain exercises to do to help pain. You should go to the clinic as you will learn so much about your body you probably didn’t know and you will be surprised of the outcome when the pain starts to go away”

Colin Twigg
“I have taught in the area for over 38 years, now assistant head teacher at Greensward Academy in Hockley. I have always played team sports, now restricted to 5 a-side indoor football. Just over a year ago I visited my GP with a swollen elbow and increasing pain in the joint. As a result, fluid had built up. The GP’s advice was that the elbow would heal in time, it did so but causing a shortening of the muscles. My wife recommended Clark’s Osteopaths following successful treatment on her knee. Following several Osteopath visits there is a huge improvement, so much so that I am confident in returning to goal keeping. The treatment has stretched the muscles and completely resolved my pain. Although initially reluctant to attend an osteopath I would recommend anyone putting up with pain to give it a try”

Michael Reed
“Clarks Healthcare’s blend of acupuncture and osteopathy has done wonders for my chronic foot pain and nasty plant fasciitis. I can now walk without discomfort and enjoy my daily activities. Their holistic and personalized approach is truly effective.”

Jennifer Allen
“I struggled with chronic pain in my upper back and neck. The Medical acupuncture at Clarks Healthcare, combined with osteopathy and exercise, have provided incredible relief. I now have better posture and less pain. Their care and expertise are exceptional.”

Robert Turner
“I had severe pain in my lower back and tried many treatments (at the chiropractors up the road) without success. Clarks Healthcare’s Osteopathy and acupuncture treatment with rehab exercises has been the only thing that has helped. My pain has reduced, and I feel much more mobile and energetic. Honestly if you have struggled to get results then call Clarks Healthcare.”

"My name is Pat and I live in Benfleet Essex. Over the last two years I have suffered intense pain in my index finger and felt a complete idiot having to go to the doctors with this form of complaint. However, the pain became so great I needed to see someone as it had got to a stage where I was ready to have it amputated rather than spend another hour with it. I had become irritable and moody at home and I'm sure everyone was pleased when I eventually went for an appointment.

The doctor indicated that it was a cyst and provided a course of antibiotics to calm it down but unfortunately these had no effect at all. As you can imagine this did not help me one little bit and I went back for more and more drugs to overcome the problem. Eventually the doctor sent me to the hospital to have the cyst removed which improved my spirits completely but the surgeon refused to operate as he said it was arthritis and could not be cured. I was shattered especially when the doctor agreed and left me with the pain with no hope of any relief. Then going through the local paper my husband drew my attention to an advertisement from a local Benfleet Osteopath who was advising that arthritis pain could be relieved and although my daughter and son pointed out that this did not make sense it was something to cling to and therefore, I made an appointment.

My Osteopath to a full case history and then came the easing of my muscle pain that had grown tense with pain over the years and a course of acupuncture in my finger made my pain so much easier. The first treatment brought quick relief and my visits during the first month brought me relief and confidence. My treatments have been stretched out to once a month and my pain is completely manageable. Don't give up on pain try everything even things that sound silly because pain relief could be just round the corner as my Osteopath is"

Pat Watson

“Can only echo the positive comments of others. Suffering for over a year I wish I had gone sooner. Left feeling better and a positive outlook, full of information and a clear treatment and rehabilitation plan of what is needed to resolve my issues.”

Dave Scully

physio near me

" I visited Mr. Clark's osteopathy practice today, and I would recommend it to anyone who has a problem. I suffer with my knees, and both Mr. Clark and his wife have done really well in treating me. Since I've been receiving treatment, I would recommend them for anything you need, whether it's back or knee pain. Come and see them; they're really, really good. I highly recommend them!"

John Griffis

Michelle Watts
“Being a primary school teacher, I suffer a lot with tension in my neck and shoulders. I have been visiting Clarks Healthcare clinic to help this. The staff at the clinic are professional, friendly and have helped my condition a lot”

Albert Smith
“I found Clarks Healthcare very professional and very good. I strongly recommend Clarks to everyone”

Julie Lansdale
“The treatment I receive at Clarks helps to alleviate the pain caused by my continual coughing from my cystic fibrosis, it really helps, thank you”

Olivia Johnson
“After years of dealing with chronic back pain, the treatment plan developed for me at Clarks Healthcare was nothing short of miraculous. The personalized attention and detailed explanations made all the difference. I’m now back to enjoying long walks without discomfort.”

Ethan Wright
“I’m grateful to have found Clarks Healthcare after a skiing injury. Their rehabilitation program helped me recover faster than expected, and their staff was supportive and knowledgeable throughout the process.”

Amelia Roberts
“I’ve tried many clinics for my migraines, but none provided relief like Clarks Healthcare. Their holistic approach and tailored treatments have significantly reduced my episodes. Highly recommended!”

Jack Taylor
“Thanks to the expert care at Clarks, I avoided knee surgery. The team’s approach to use physiotherapy and strength training to heal my injury was effective. I am now more active than ever.”

Sophia Davies
“I was initially sceptical about trying osteopathy for my issues, but the results speak for themselves. I feel better than I have in years, and I appreciate the team’s effort to educate me on maintaining my health.”

Harry Brown
“Post-operation recovery was daunting until I joined Clarks Healthcare. Their post-surgery rehab made a significant difference in my healing process, and the staff was always encouraging.”

chiropractor near me

"I highly recommend Michael from Clarks Osteopathic Complimentary Health Care. I have suffered with back pain for a number of years, but since my sessions, I have noticed a significant improvement and have a lot less aches and pains than I had before.

He is very friendly and helpful. Thank you, Michael and his team."

Steve Moore

"I've been grappling with a persistent neck issue for years, and after numerous visits to various clinics, I finally discovered Clarks Healthcare. The experience here has been absolutely transformative. They didn't just address my neck problem; they took a comprehensive approach that looked at my overall health, identifying and treating other minor issues that were contributing to my discomfort. Their meticulous attention to detail and the personalized care I received have made a significant difference in my quality of life. I'm now experiencing relief from pains that I had almost accepted as part of my daily life. I'm truly grateful for their expertise and compassionate care. I would confidently recommend Clarks Healthcare to anyone looking for thorough, effective, and genuinely caring osteopathic treatment. Thank you for restoring my well-being and helping me feel my best!"

Carole Roberts

back pain exercises

"Hello, my name is Bridget. I first came to see Michael due to severe neck and shoulder pain. Since receiving treatments, I’ve felt absolutely wonderful. It's truly a relief to wake up in the morning and be able to move my head off the pillow without any pain. I now visit regularly for long-term maintenance to ensure that I don't face such severe problems in the future. I highly recommend this practice to anyone seeking effective and compassionate care. Michael and the team have genuinely made a significant difference in my life!"


Isla Evans
“As a professional dancer, maintaining my physical health is crucial. The care and guidance I received at Clarks Healthcare have been integral in managing my fitness and preventing injuries.”

George Wilson
“Clarks Healthcare’s approach to arthritis management has helped me regain mobility and reduce pain. Their friendly staff and warm environment make every visit a pleasant experience.”

Charlotte Green
“Finding effective treatment for my sciatica seemed impossible until I came to Clarks Healthcare. The personalized exercises and treatments have allowed me to live without constant pain.”

Noah Harris
“The team at Clarks Healthcare helped me through my recovery from a sports-related shoulder injury. Their expertise in sports medicine is evident in the care they provide.”

Freya Morris
“I can’t thank the team at Clarks Healthcare enough! After months of suffering from chronic fatigue, their comprehensive approach has given me my life back. The staff were incredibly supportive, offering both medical treatment and lifestyle advice that was easy to incorporate into my busy life as a teacher in Bristol.”

Arthur Clarke
“Recovering from a hip replacement at my age was daunting, but the physiotherapy I had at Clarks Healthcare was exceptional. They were patient, knowledgeable, and their expertise in elderly care truly showed. Each session was tailored to my pace and capabilities, and I felt genuinely cared for.”

Lily Thompson
“I was experiencing severe anxiety due to ongoing health issues, but the psychological support I received at Clarks Healthcare was outstanding. They helped me understand and manage my anxiety while treating the physical symptoms. It’s rare to find such holistic care.”

Jill Hill
“I came to Clarks Osteopathy in Benfleet due to a Frozen Shoulder. I had increasing pain and stiffness in shoulder which the NHS physio wasn’t able to help. My first few osteopathy sessions loosened my shoulder and reduced the pain significantly. They gave me a home exercises which has really helped speed up the recover. I am currently making very good progress. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, the clinic has a nice relaxing atmosphere, clean surroundings and out-of-hours appointments. Anyone with a frozen shoulder should come here!”

Joan Mitchell
“I was suffering with persistent shoulder pain from an old injury at netball. The combination of osteopathy and acupuncture has been brilliant. My shoulder feels better than it has in years, and I’m finally pain-free.”

Rachel Brown
“I’ve had nagging, persistent hip pain for years. I have Osteopathy mixed with Acupuncture treatment, combining the two have been a revelation. The pain has decreased dramatically, and I feel more flexible and active. Their holistic treatment approach really works.”

Laura Harris
“After suffering from TMJ pain for a long time, I decided to try acupuncture at Clarks Healthcare. The results have been outstanding. Paired with osteopathy, the pain has reduced significantly, and my jaw movement has improved. I couldn’t be happier with the treatment.”

“I highly recommend all the team at Clarks Healthcare.10/10!!!”

Brian Nicols

“Always get fantastic treatment. Helped me recover and return to running after SI joint issue. Detailed rehabilitation and home care advice invaluable. Highly recommend.”

Laura Spence

osteopaths in benfleet varker

“Michael was great, everything very well explained in easy to understand terms, happy to listen and then discuss my symptoms and options for treatment and rehab. Now on the road to recovery and further steps to help prevent it happening again. Thoroughly recommend.”

Paul Varker

Jamie Tregarthen
“I have just had my second session of treatment, and already I am noticing significant improvements with my neck pain. Very thorough and personalized care, very friendly and welcoming, I highly recommend!.”

Oscar King

“As an amateur rugby player in Newcastle, injuries are quite common. However, the rehabilitation I received at Clarkes Healthcare after a knee injury was top-notch. The detailed assessments and tailored exercise programs not only healed me but also educated me on preventing future injuries.”

Ella Martin
“Suffering from migraines for years, I had given up hope of finding relief. That changed when I visited Clarks Healthcare. Their approach focused on triggers and prevention, not just symptoms. Their comprehensive care, from diet changes to physiotherapy exercises and manipulation, has been transformative.”

Lucas White
“After a severe bout of severe back pain, I turned to Clarks Healthcare on a friend’s recommendation. The compassion and depth of understanding from their mental health professionals helped me feel seen and supported in ways I hadn’t experienced before. They were instrumental in my journey back to health.”

Alfie Walker
“Post whiplash accident recovery was a tough road, but the Osteopath therapy services at Clarks were invaluable. The therapists worked closely with me to create a rehab plan that not only addressed my injuries but also aimed at getting me back to work as a construction manager.”

Ruby Hall
“I was initially hesitant to try osteopathy for my chronic neck pain, but the professionals at Clarks Healthcare changed my mind. Their detailed explanation of how osteopathy works and its benefits was enlightening. I’ve seen a remarkable improvement in my mobility and reduction in pain.”

"I have been to see Lisa and Mike with my ongoing back problems and they have helped me so much. I cannot thank them enough for all the advice they have given me and for my treatment."

Kerry Ann

"Extremely impressed. Lovely clinic, very prompt, quick diagnosis, great treatment, reduction in pain since the first appointment."

Jo Wallaker

"I was recommended Michael by a friend as my son had injured his back playing golf and struggling to move, walk, sit, stand without help. On the first consultation Michael went through a full examination and found the issue and by the end of the session my son was walking out of the clinic and moving freely. We were given aftercare exercises to strengthen the weakness and have continued with follow-up visits and my son is now happily back playing golf! Throughout everything has been explained in a way my son understands the importance of maintaining the strength aftercare to avoid any further issues. Thank you again, highly recommended!"

Kim Saunders-Cook

Katie Prime
“Lovely team of professionals and a warm, friendly atmosphere to walk into.”

Ann Pegg
“Michael, Lisa, and the Clarks Team are wonderful. I have been a client of theirs for a few years now for a back problem that I have suffered with for years. After having sessions with Michael, my back pain has now subsided and I am more mobile. Most recently, I have started to see him for persistent numbness and pins and needles in my hands, and after one visit, the pins and needles have almost gone. Michael and the team always deliver excellent care and attention to their clients and I definitely recommend that you give them a call, you won’t be disappointed.”

Lynn Moule
“Very professional prompt and helpful.”

Olivia Martin
“After trying various treatments for my fibromyalgia, I found the perfect solution at Clarks Healthcare. The unique blend of acupuncture, osteopathy and stretching exercises has made a huge difference in managing my symptoms. Their care and professionalism are unmatched.”

Henry Johnson
“Clark’s Healthcare’s approach to pain management is so much better than anyone else in Essex. I’ve been everywhere but this is the first place I got results. I have osteopathy paired with medical acupuncture and home care exercises to sort out my posture and weak back. I now have a better quality of life and am thankful for the Clarks team 5/5”

Alice Peters
“Living with chronic knee pain was taking a toll on my daily life. The acupuncture treatments at Clarks Healthcare, along with osteopathy, have made a remarkable difference. I highly recommend their services.”

"I highly recommend Clark’s Osteopathic healthcare, my back has improved greatly since starting treatment with Michael. The staff are very helpful and friendly. I will certainly keep up my treatment."

Sylvie Hall

"We wanted to recommend the professional, highly skilled treatment and aftercare my daughter received from Michael at the Clinic. Sadly my daughter, a keen dancer, then aged just ten years old, badly dislocated her knee falling during the last summer lockdown. We were so grateful and reassured that Faith received the correct treatment, advice, aftercare, and support by Michael. At both the initial stage of her injury, then also as she was seen alongside other Consultant appointments/MRI and the months that followed she was recovering being treated at Clarks. Without this wonderful clinic and the treatment plan along with her tailored rehabilitation programme she received by Michael, Faith would never have recovered to the level she is today, in the time she did. Faith is back dancing, performing, competing, playing sports, and loving life. Her dance coach and Consultant have been blown away with her recovery. Michael has always explained everything so wonderfully to Faith about her injury. When you match the skills of the treatment, with the positive atmosphere and aftercare advice she received, it resulted in Faith believing she would dance again."

Faith Cresswell

march osteopath sports injury

“Michael and the team are extremely good at what they do, and their knowledge is second to none. Not only of the initial situation you may have but of all possible issues.”

Daniel March

achilles tendon pain

"My name is Charlotte, I'm 13 years old, and I went to Clark's Osteopath because I had problems with my right Achilles tendon. The care I've gotten here is way better than what I've experienced at other places. Before this, I saw a bunch of physiotherapists, but they didn't really help. Since I started coming to Clark's, I've noticed a huge improvement. It's made a big difference in my dancing and sports at school. The team here knows exactly how to treat younger patients like me, which is great. I would totally recommend Clark's Osteopath to anyone who needs help!”


Gary Hall
“I’ve tried other osteopaths and physios in the area but the osteopaths I saw at Clarks were more thorough and gave me detailed exercises to do at home. I would happily recommend Clarks as it was the only place that was able to fix my ongoing back problem. Thank you!”

George Evans
“After a nasty Rugby injury, I was in constant pain and had limited movement. The dual approach of acupuncture and osteopathy at Clarks Healthcare has been great and significantly reduced my pain and improved my recovery time. Their approach really works.”

Charlotte Knight
“Chronic neck pain had been part of my life for too long. Acupuncture sessions, combined with osteopathic treatments at Clarks Healthcare, have provided me with a relief I didn’t think was possible. I can finally go about my day without being in constant pain. Truly grateful!”

Will Davies
“I have been having treatment for my tennis elbow at Clarks Osteopaths. The combination of acupuncture, osteopathy and rehab has been fantastic. I’ve seen a substantial decrease in pain and an increase in my range of motion. Highly recommend 10/10!”

"10/10 would highly recommend. Michael is very patient and thorough and considerate of any anxieties regarding injuries/experiences. While I went to him when I was in pain, now that I'm no longer in pain, I will continue to periodically pop in to make sure everything is working as it should. Definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for an osteopath with some fantastic in-depth knowledge."

Désiré Mirtahmasebi

“This is the best clinic I have ever been to. They truly care about your wellbeing and always give a 1st class service. THANK YOU 10/10”

Lewis Anderson

"My husband, myself and both my mother and father-in-law are regulars at Clarks Healthcare and have always had fantastic care and service. I’ve been seeing Michael throughout my second pregnancy and it’s really helped all my aches and pains. We’d highly recommend and look forward to our monthly appointments."

Joanna Edge

Emily Hurst
“Fantastic treatment. Each visit to Clarks Healthcare is helpful and pleasant and I’ve never had a negative experience. The osteopaths are amazing and very accommodating. They’ve improved my lifestyle a huge amount. Would highly recommend.”

Peter Walton
“Having been to many physiotherapists and osteopaths in the past, with mixed results, I found Adam at Clarkes. A true gentleman and a great Osteopath who has helped me on the road to recovery with a lower back problem. Very knowledgeable and a great practitioner!”

Lisa Clarke
“Very impressed with my treatments and friendly service, three sessions and pain free again, much easier and quicker results than years of seeing a chiropractor. Highly recommend. Thanks.”

Lorraine Pitchley
“Helpful, extremely well informed osteopaths, who are interested in you and your recovery. Also, a great personal trainer side with practical assistance to aide rehabilitation.”

Jodie Warner
“I have been going to Clarks for 9 years and cannot fault it! Really helps with my medical conditions and advice on how to maintain being pain free.”

“Highly recommend! You have really helped me with the problems I had with my back and hip. Now I am not in any pain and I'm off of all the medication. Thank you so much for your excellent advice and treatment.”

Jason Kyle

"Very nice staff help me out massively when I had my back out of alignment. Can't thank them enough."

Jamie Simpkins

"I have been visiting Clark’s Osteopathic Healthcare for a few years now. I have had nothing other than great experiences from them. Whether I enter with a problem or just go in for a once over, I always walk out feeling better! Recently, I saw Michael for a problem I was having with my hip and entered unable to stand straight. He was able to relax the muscles, make an adjustment and provide great aftercare advice. Within a few days, the pain was gone and I was able to move freely again. Couldn’t recommend highly enough, thanks again, Tim."

Tim Rivers

Lucy Greenaway
“Amazing service Michael and Lisa are both very professional and genuinely kind and caring people. Never had a problem they cannot fix.”

Sammy Connor
“Helped me massively to improve my mobility in every aspect. I’ve been coming for a few years & I will always use them when I need to.”

Bayley Robinson
“Fantastically run, very friendly and very knowledgeable👍🏻”

Ian Bygrave
“Outstanding Service”

Gary Norris
“I just wanted to share how fantastic an osteopath Michael is. I was previously treated by a chiropractor for six weeks for a neck injury, but the real issue turned out to be my rotator cuff tendons. I came to Michael in a really bad place, considering a steroid injection from my doctor. Michael advised against it and immediately provided the correct diagnosis, along with treatment to repair the injury. Honestly, I can’t recommend Clark’s highly enough and will always point friends and family to this osteopath; they are incredible. Michael is one of the most caring and helpful individuals, always going out of his way to assist, like he did for me. His knowledge is unparalleled.

After using various osteopaths and chiropractors for 15 years due to injuries from my previous job as a prison officer and sports-related issues, I can confidently say these guys are the best by far. When my wife had a back and foot injury, I did not hesitate to refer her to Michael’s wife, Lisa, also an osteopath. She is thrilled with her treatment from Lisa and now understands why I speak so highly of this practice. If you have an injury or any health problem, do yourself a favour and visit this amazing place.

Thanks, Michael! You are a legend for helping me return to health when I thought no one could help with my injury.”

Sophie Bennett
“I’ve had arthritis in my hands for over a decade, and nothing seemed to help until I tried acupuncture at Clarks clinic. The expertise in combining acupuncture with osteopathy treatments has drastically improved my mobility and reduced the pain. Clarks is truly brilliant.”

Thommy Brookes
“Clarks Osteopathy has been a lifesaver for my sciatica. The use of medical acupuncture along with traditional osteopathy treatment methods has given immense pain relief. The team is incredibly knowledgeable and caring. I feel great after each treatment.”

Emily Turner
“I was struggling with stress related neck pain for years. Acupuncture at Clarkes Health Clinic have been incredibly effective. Combined with their osteopathy treatments and exercises, I’ve seen a dramatic improvement. Thank you!”

“I was advised to have a treatment a few weeks ago as I had trouble stretching in preparation for the Southend 10k run. Within two Osteopathy sessions Michael had sorted the tightness out that instead of walking it felt like I was floating out! Managed to get inside my target of an hour for the run and pretty good for a 62 year old 😀 I previously used Clarke’s to sort out a shoulder problem that stopped me playing badminton properly for years and that time Lisa sorted this problem quickly.  These two run a brilliant clinic! Thanks”

Howard Gale

“After weeks of going to the doctors and being told to take painkillers and wait for my back to fix itself I tried Clarks, the physio and exercises I was given had me pain free and back to work in just over a week, you can't say fairer than that. 😀”

Martin Winckles

"5 star treatment every visit. Everything explained to you so you understand what’s happening.  Friendly staff, who make you feel relaxed. Great trainers who help you get to your fitness back. Something for everyone no need to be in pain."

Carol Rule

Tracey Powell
“Very impressed with my treatments, three sessions and pain free again, much easier and quicker results than years seeing a chiropractor. Highly recommend.”

Tracey Ann
“My husband and I come here to see Adam. We highly recommend. Try for yourselves. You won’t regret it. Thank you so much”

Richard Cresswell
“I have visited Clarks Healthcare for two separate problems and have seen both Lisa and Michael. I first visited following knee surgery. I was delighted with the difference it made. Recovery to full mobility was speeded up and pain reduction was a most welcome relief. The second problem I visited them for was when arthritis became very painful. I was treated at the clinic and given a series of exercises to do at home. The treatment and exercises proved to be beneficial, culminating in pain free movement. I would thoroughly recommend this clinic to anyone who is recovering from surgery or is suffering with arthritis!”

Paul O’hare
“I sustained an injury in Iraq that left both medics and hospital specialists puzzled. However, within just a few minutes of my appointment with Michael, he had identified the issue—a dislocated rib in my back. After a precise adjustment, the severe pain I had endured for the previous 19 days disappeared instantly. Since then, I’ve returned to Michael for various other injuries. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

“Cannot thank Michael Clark enough for helping my wife, The initial diagnosis of my underlying problem, acromegaly, and sending her immediately for further medical investigations, in fact the words of my consultant endocrinologist was that Mr Clark deserves a medal for spotting this.”

Sean Burke

"My work is very physical and as I get older it becomes harder and harder. Going to Clarks Osteopaths every 4 to 6 weeks helps me do my job to the best of my ability"

Tony Crispin

“I went to Clarks Osteopaths originally with back pain which made it difficult to drive or even sit. On the initial consultation not only did Michael identify the cause, but also a previous back problem from 5 years earlier that doctors and hospital had not been able to diagnose. In addition to giving immediate relief through treatment, I was provided with programme of treatment, exercise and diet to solve the problem. I have more recently visited with arthritis in my hand and again benefited from the same level of expertise for both immediate relief and a longer-term programme to improve quality of life. I am very impressed with Clarks, not only with their medical and professional knowledge and treatment, but with their whole approach and manner in working patients which provides the reassurance, confidence and trust we all need at these times.

I would not hesitate to recommend Clarks Healthcare to anyone who is pain or has been suffering for a long time.”

Clive Rogers

physio in benfleet

“Excellent service highly recommend, I  wouldn't use anyone else.”

Brian Davis

“Michael and the team are extremely good at what they do, and their knowledge is second to none. Not only of the initial situation you may have but of all possible issues.”

Peter Walton

my back pain is better already

"Michael has been amazing and my initial back pain is already improved after just a couple of sessions. Highly recommended."

Steven Warner

Physio benfleet

"Michael has been amazing and my initial back pain is already improved after just a couple of sessions. Highly recommended."

Matthew Le Chevalier

Charlie Stennett
“Over the past 10 years, I’ve been treated by Michael and the team at Clarks for various leg, back, and joint injuries sustained through playing sports. I’ve always made a full recovery and learned a lot about my body through their treatments. Whenever a family member or friend experiences pain, I always recommend visiting Clarks. Top-notch service and great people.”

Samuel J Holmes
“I have just started going to Clarks and I am so happy. Michael has within one session, pinpointed the problem I have suffered from for over a year. I am looking forward to continuing to work with him and improve my situation. Sam.”

Kerry Bland
“I would not hesitate to recommend Clarks to anyone. As a beauty therapist, I spend a lot of time taking care of my clients’ needs and often neglect my own. Recently, I began suffering from severe sciatica to the point where I could hardly walk. Michael at Clarks Osteopaths in Benfleet identified a disc injury and sciatic issue.

His treatment and prescribed exercises have helped me become virtually pain-free. His knowledge and professionalism are incredibly reassuring, and he has reminded me of the importance of self-care. I will continue to follow his advice, as I never want to return to the state I was in before. If you have any issues, give these guys a call—you won’t regret it!”

David Scott
“Clarks Healthcare provided me with the perfect solution for my chronic wrist pain after failed surgery. The combination of acupuncture and osteopathy has given so much pain relief I can do normal things again. The team is professional, caring, and dedicated to helping people. Lovely receptionists, friendly knowledgeable therapists, great aftercare support with home exercises. I highly recommend this patient centre practice. Thank you to all the Clarks Healthcare team.”

Helen Carter
“I was initially sceptical about acupuncture, but after just a few sessions at Clarks Healthcare, my chronic migraines have significantly reduced. The combination of medical acupuncture and osteopathy has been a life-changer for me. I feel more relaxed and pain-free than I have in years.”

James Harrison
“After suffering from lower back pain for years, I decided to try a visit at Clarks Healthcare at the bottom of bread and cheese hill in Benfleet. The blend of osteopathy and acupuncture provided has done wonders. I’m now able to enjoy my daily activities without constant pain. Highly recommend their professional and holistic approach.”

Kim Anthony
“They are very knowledgeable and helpful, within the first treatment I had a plan for ongoing treatment and was feeling miles better after the initial appointment”

Marian Selby
“Really lovely chap and has done wonders for me in such a small space of time enabling me to move about without any pain.”

Suzy Chandler
“Cannot recommend highly enough. I have had back pain for years and as a last resort I thought I would try an Osteopath. I am so happy that I did. Adam, Mike and the team are genuinely caring and very professional”

Mobile Tyres 4 You

Kevin Statham
“I visited due to lower back pain and would thoroughly recommend Clark’s!! Michael was very informative and explained everything in way that an anyone can understand, after just 3 sessions I’m now out of pain and working on strengthening the area. Big thank you to Clark’s.”

Fall Prevention

rayy fall prevention benfleet

"I can't thank Michael and Lisa enough for how they have helped me regain my independence. When I first joined their programme, I was so worried about falling that I wouldn't even go into my garden because I couldn’t handle the steps down. I love my garden, but after my hip replacement, the thought of falling was always on my mind. Michael talked through my goals and what I wanted to be able to do again. After the assessment, which was incredibly thorough, he said if I worked hard and really committed myself, I would be able to walk normally and return to my gardening. I put the work in with my home stretches and never missed an exercise session in the studio. True to his word, I've made remarkable progress. I’m back gardening again and just last week, I was able to change the fence panels with my son. It might seem like a small task to some, but for me, it was a huge victory, and I was so proud. Michael, you've given me more than just balance and strength; you've given me my life back. Thank you.”


johnn fall prevention exercises in benfleet

"I had a bad fall which ended with me in hospital with a concussion and my confidence lost. My mobility had gone downhill after my knee replacement. The operation didn’t go as well as I wanted, and I had gradually become weaker and weaker, relying on my other knee which isn’t so great either. Michael spent a long time examining me, and at the end, he identified all the areas that needed improvement. He designed me a bespoke programme with lots of exercises to strengthen my knees, hips, and back, along with balancing exercises. I look forward to exercising in the studio. Every session is safe yet challenging. I aim for small improvements each time, and those small changes have really added up.

Changing my diet, exercising regularly, and drinking more water has fixed 20 years of high blood pressure, and my GP has taken me off my blood pressure tablets. The doctor was very impressed with the changes to my diet and exercise routine and told me to keep with it. Now, I can walk without a cane and feel confident. I’ve returned to playing bowls and get out and about. I've recommended Clarks fall prevention programme to my friends and family. Thank you.”


malc fall prevention near me

“My arthritis got so bad that I could barely get out of a chair, so I used to sit most of the day because of the pain. I also started to notice that I was becoming very unsteady on my feet, my daughter also noticed and put me onto Clarks and it’s been the best thing I did. Michael spent a good couple of hours looking at all my movements and checking what muscles needed strengthening. Then he recommended the fall prevention programme, to help me regain my mobility and balance. Following the assessment I got straight to it, I took it seriously and made sure I was at every training session ready to get stuck in. It’s absolutely unbelievable what I can do now. I can stand on one leg for 3 minutes and even kick a football around with the grandkids. I can make a cup of tea and wash up with no bother. Most importantly on my grandsons 18th I stood at the bar with him for a pint.”


kath how to exercise safely benfleet clarks healthcare

"I have a young mind but sadly I had a weak body and the realisation had finally hit me that my age had finally caught up on me. I can't express enough gratitude for Michael and Lisa’s Fall Prevention Programme. The one-on-one sessions and bespoke exercise plans have given me a confidence in my body again. I feel so much steadier and haven't had any falls since starting. I recently managed a family trip to Centre Parcs, something I never thought I’d be able to do again. Michael, your holistic approach has turned back the clock to how I used to be. Thank you so much!"


mary how to prevent falls

"Michael and Lisa’s programme has been a lifesaver. My balance and walking have improved so much, I no longer hunch over and I feel much safer going out to the shops and going to my clubs again. Michael, Lisa, and the team are knowledgeable, caring, and genuinely lovely people. I have exercises to do at home and then come in for one-to-one sessions in their studio with their wonderful trainers. I feel stronger than I have in years. I wish I had joined years ago. Thank you."


trevorr fall prevention exercises benfleet

“I had a nasty fall and broke my hip. The NHS gave me a hip replacement and physio. Unfortunately, the operation left me weaker than before, feeling quite frail. Michael assessed my hip and determined that although the NHS had started the process, I still had a lot more rehabilitation left to do. I had also lost a lot of strength in my back and needed to improve my flexibility. I completed their programme and now, 10 years on, I can still touch my toes, walk for hours, swim, and do all the everyday things I used to take for granted. Thank you, Michael, for everything!"


charlotte fall prevention

"I was really struggling, and my balance was getting worse; I could barely walk in a straight line without waddling from side to side like a penguin. It was embarrassing to see myself like this, and my confidence was at an all-time low. However, this programme has changed all that, and I walk upright and confidently now. Michael, Lisa, and their team are friendly, knowledgeable, supportive, and encouraging. Their personal care and support are second to none, and because when I exercise in the studio it’s one-on-one, I don’t feel self-conscious and can focus on myself. Highly recommend!”


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