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Rupert Chapman - TV Expert and Curator at the British Museumrupert chapman
"I came to Clarks Healthcare in Benfleet on the recommendation of a friend for treatment for back pain. The treatment quickly relieved the back pain, and subsequently advice helped me to relieve a form of sciatica due to problems with the piriformis muscle. Dietary advice on the effects of too much indulgence in the joys of coffee has also greatly improved my dry, chapped skin. Altogether, I am in much better shape thanks to my visits to Clarks Osteopaths"

testimonial photo
Patricia, Lucy (6) Charlotte (3)
"I am a mum of two and have been to the clinic with both my young daughters aged 6 and 3. Both my girls have had tummy problems since birth. It goes in cycles and they get really badly constipated resulting in vomiting and very high temperature. Using lactulose and orange juices doesn't help as prescribed by doctors. At the clinic they have helped me with the girls diets and used massaging technics which help to get the bowel moving again. I have also brought them for bad colds and ear infections which they have responded to better than medicine. Anyone looking for non invasive effective alternative therapy, I would highly recommend Clarks Healthcare"

clarks osteopathsMaureen Sage – World, European & British Power Lifting Champion
"Thanks for all your help during the world championships"

Shaun Madigan – Engineer (Madigan Security)
"Having suffered with back problems on and off for years i have tried various different methods of treatment but to no avail. I then discovered Clarks Osteopathic Healthcare in Benfleet! After several treatment sessions, expert advice & support my back is the best it has in years. They offer an efficient& friendly service and would highly recommend them"

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Rachel Jones – Solicitor

I booked a consultation at Clarks Osteopathic Healthcare on the recommendation of friends. I play netball and as a result have sustained numerous injuries to my ankles and knees. The treatment received was FANTASTIC and has enabled me to continue playing. I cannot rosteopaths benfleetrecommend the treatment and service that I have received enough. As a result my netball team all use Clarks Healthcare.

Tara Jelley – Senior Director Barclays Corporate
"I see Lisa or Michael for general osteopathic maintenance or for sports related injuries. I always have a positive and professional experience and find the Osteopaths at Clarks Osteopathic Healthcare to be very knowledgeable in the field. They are extremely caring and empathetic and I always feel they provide the best treatment and advice. I happily recommend friends and family to the Clarks Osteopaths as I know they'll be well looked after and on the road to recovery quickly!"

west wickham osteopathsSteve Dekoning - Electrician
"I came to you because of long term back pain and believed that nothing could be done to give me pain relief. I have been to other osteopaths in the past with no long term relief.  But Lisa WORKS MAGIC!  Her knowledge is vast and she even treats other areas of my body that became injured due to my original back pain problem.  Lisa Clark is a lovely lady, but that is irrelevant to a degree. Lisa is BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, and BRILLIANT! She does exactly what an Osteopath should do i.e. she managed to fix me when no one else could.  Even my friend who I recommended is very impressed and is going to bring his family along to see Lisa.  What more can I say?  It says it all when I recommended someone and then they themselves recommend other people to"  

eve lokking for an osteopath in benfleet west wickahmEve Cresswell – Full Time Mother
"Thank you for everything you have done for me and my daughter. Anyone reading this should call Clarks Healthcare TODAY, it'll be the best decision you will ever make!"

mark pymMark Pym - Human Resources
"I originally approached Clarks Osteopathy and Complementary Healthcare as I felt that my general health and wellbeing needed to improve. I was concerned that I did not really understand how to look after myself and maintain peak health. They have quite literally changed my life. I was immediately impressed by Michael's wealth of knowledge and his ability to help me understand the key issues I needed to change in my life to return to peak health. Michael put together for me a uniquely designed programme and has supported me throughout the process. I have learnt so much and am now an avid convert to the importance of living a healthy life style. Michael's support and energy made this feasible for me and I am extremely grateful. Thank you..." clare russel

Clare Russell – Recruitment Consultant
"I have been a patient of Clarks Osteopathic and Complementary Healthcare since June 2005 when I first discovered I had Rheumatoid Arthritis. All my doctors and Specialists told me I would never be able to play sport again. To put this into perspective I played Netball in a league every Saturday and trained every Thursday evening. Lisa understood my personal frustrations and with her care and guidance I was back playing Netball by the December. Since then Lisa provided me with a flexible care plan catering for me as and when I need her. Prior to seeing Lisa I was prone to injury when playing and since receiving care from her I have had no injuries due to the after care support she offered and guidance on keeping my body in shape. I highly recommend the practice and the personal touch Lisa and Michael have. Thank you for all your help and support and I look forward to continuing to use you for my general maintenance needs!"

John Damjanovic - Dance Teacher & Owner of 'The Western Dance Centre' Hadleigh

john"I am a dance teacher doing allot of physical work during the week and quite often I need a treatment to put my body back in working shape. The treatment I and all my Dance students have received has always been very helpful and highly professional and I would happily recommend Clarks surgery to everyone!"

pennMartyn Penn - Self Employed Builder
"I came to this clinic after a road traffic accident. I was hit from the side and spun across the road facing the wrong way. I sustained neck, back and shoulder injuries. I went to my doctors and they just told me to take pain killers and the pain would go away. I was losing a lot of time from work and getting no-where at the doctors. I was unable to sleep, concentrate and was getting loss of feeling in my arms and legs.

A friend of mine had good results from treatment following a similar whiplash so I booked an appointment. They were fantastic! It was explained what was causing the symptoms and why. After only a couple of treatments i was able to start going back to work. I wish i had gone there straight away, if i had of done my injuries would have been significantly less. I want to say to anyone reading this, don't sit there in pain taking medication, it is not the answer, get it sorted out. These guys are a fantastic and i would still be unable to work if it wasn't for them. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me"

osteopaths west wickham bromley kentJean Stone – Retired
"A very warm welcome awaits you at this Osteopath clinic which I decided to visit following a fall. I am being treated by Adam Price who makes you feel at ease immediately. Adam is a consummate professional and a very gifted Osteopath who also performs Acupuncture which together is aiding my mobility and easing my pain considerably. Adam is very friendly with a great sense of humour.
I cannot thank you enough and have no hesitation recommending your many skills."

Diane Boulanger - Programme Planner
I have been coming to Clarks Healthcare for some time now for different issues resulting from my Lupus which has helped me a huge amount. The most significant treatment was for unexplained complete loss of my voice. After numerous tests my GP had started talking about cancer as my voice had still not returned after 6 weeks. Within minutes of seeing Michael he knew exactly what the problem was and how to resolve it. Within 1 hour of treatment my voice completely returned and 6 weeks on I've had not a single problem with it. I trust Michael & Lisa with my life and would recommend them to anyone willing to listen. Thank you for everything!

Gayle Matthews 44 - Registered Nurse
I am an active person and injured my back in the gym last year. Having tried physio and chiropractic to achieve long term pain relief with little effect I decided to visit Clarks Osteopaths. I have only attended 3 sessions with Katherine however my lower back pain has almost completely resolved and with only gentle manipulation and no bone cracking or heavy handed pounding! I found the clinic very helpful when I enquired about an appointment and got a lot of info before starting. My therapist was very welcoming, took a thorough history and made me feel reassured that a solution to pain was possible.

photoPatricia & Robert Newell (Retired Senior Teacher & Head of Science)
"I had been in a lot of extreme pain with my neck and then my hip for some time before my husband had suggested I go to Clarks Osteopaths as he had been attending the clinic about a painful back problem and found the treatment he received had kept him mobile and he no longer needed the painkillers, prescribed by the doctor. I decided to take my husband's advice and to cut a long story short since seeing Lisa neither my neck or hip cause me any pain.
Both my husband and I continue to go to the clinic for a maintenance session a few times a year and as OAPs, find this very beneficial to our general health and well being as we receive any necessary treatment plus valuable and effective lifestyle advice. We find both Lisa and Michael very caring, knowledgeable and professional and have recommended their clinics to many of our friends, who have been very pleased with the advice and treatment they have received-so thanks to both Lisa and Michael"

Teresa Wilson – Recruitment Manager
"I am a typical woman constantly busy and always complaining there are never enough hours in the tesimonial photoday and put my aches and pains on the bottom of the priority list... That was until I made my appointment at Clarks Osteopathic Healthcare ... From my initial appointment with Michael I immediately felt at ease and was comfortable in talking about my overall health. I was amazed at his knowledge and the rational he used to explain why I was experiencing the pain and the advice that he gave was invaluable. I have had a series of appointments and have seen great improvements in the pain within my shoulder but more than that from the conversations and advice given he has helped me realise that I can make improvements to my overall health and mental well being. So if you are suffering pain in any way I would recommend you put an appointment at Clarks Healthcare on your priority list!"

physio benfleetJoel Riley – Contracts Manager

"I have always had various problems with my knees since 10 years of age. However my real knee problems started whilst playing football when I was 22 my right knee collapsed and I had to pay a visit to A&E, key hole surgery and physiotherapy followed. When given the all clear I returned to football only for the injury to reoccur with the hospital stating that I need an operation on my ligaments. An operation that would keep me off work for 3-6months, being self employed at the time this was something that was completely out of the equation. With my Sunday League football career (haha) being bought to a premature end I got used to the idea of never playing football again. A couple of years later (my knee giving way regularly) I came across an advert for Clarkes Osteopaths stating that they treated sports injuries such as mine. Upon my first visit to Clarks I was given a full and informative consultation (I was really surprised that osteopathy covered so many different problems). Treatment to my knee started with ultra sound combined with various other methods. I was given exercises to assist the treatment. I found the treatment very easy going and everything was explained to me as the treatment was carried out. I am happy to say that the treatment to my knee was successful and I have returned to playing football. I still have treatment at Clarks osteopaths but more so now as a maintenance regime and have now been visiting for 5-6 years. Being extremely happy with the treatment received and the service given, I have had no hesitation in recommending Clarks Healthcare to my family and friends and would offer the same recommendation to anybody reading this."

Christina Clark – Animal Carer
back pain benfleet
" I came to your clinic because I was in quite a lot of discomfort from back and shoulder pain. Lisa has been able to completely cure my pain, I am able to work and sleep much easier, I do get the problem back, but that is due to my work, and have returned and will return again whenever I need to have your help"

Kate Nichols - Police Officer
"Outstanding service, I go straight to the Lisa/Michael rather than the GP. From on-going problems to sport injuries they can tell me straight away what I've done (no x-rays or anything needed), start working on it that day and give me exercises to do at home to help ease the problem. There's never any pressure to go back if I choose not to. They look at all of you not just the problem and can give tips from your diet that could also be affecting me.....Brilliant!!!"

testimonial clarks healthcareSimon Utton
"Been seeing Michael Clark for some years now on & off for one or two separate reasons, both of which I've made a substantial recovery. Took my first appointment after seeing the advert in the Yellow Pages, (amongst a sea of others!), as something told me this was the right place & I was not disappointed! Fair rates for treatment, good reception, e-mail/phone reminders are beneficial so as to not miss an appointment. Proof in itself that an injury or condition can be helped, even cured, without pills or potions by some 'hands on' manipulation coupled with good sound advice. **TOP OF THE CLASS**"

osteopathy benfleetRobert Barron – Insurance Broker
"I came to Clarks Healthcare as I was beginning to suffer with back pain. After a diagnosis from Michael we were able to determine that I had some problems with a bulging disc in my lower back. We immediately started a course of treatment which has ultimately been successful. We have worked on fixing the problem by combining regular treatment sessions and a programme of exercises designed to strengthen my back. I can wholeheartedly recommended Clarks Osteopathic Healthcare, as the service and level of treatment provided really is second to none"

Brian Wright 81 - Retired
brian wright testimonial for clarks healthcare"My name is Brian Wright and I live in north London. For many years I suffered severe recurring back pain. There was no respite even with hospital treatment. My wife had a similar problem cured by Osteopathy so I also gave this a try. I was treated by various Osteopaths who gave some pain relief but my severe pain always returned. In 1999 I met a dedicated Osteopath Michael Clark whose treatment gave considerable pain relief, after a few more sessions with him I was cured so I decided to have 'maintenance care' with him to remain fit and pain free. I have been regularly visiting the practice at South Benfleet ever since. I am always impressed with the premises and the smooth running of the clinic. I have received regular treatment to maintain a fit and pain free body. Michael is not only a first class Osteopath but also a kind and caring person whose company I very much enjoy. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him and also his wife Lisa Clark who has given me equally good professional treatment in his absence. Although in my 81st year I will continue to drive the 42 miles to Clarks Osteopathy Healthcare for as long as I am able"


Ruth Barronbenfleet
"I originally went to see Michael Clark for painful weak wrists approx 2 years ago. With Michael's regular treatment combined with the exercises and cold compresses he advised me to do at home the pain soon disappeared! I am a new woman since I started to have regular monthly appointments with Michael where he loosens my neck, back and treats my occasional shin splints. I am also so grateful for all the diet and exercise advice that he manages to squeeze into my half hour appointments whilst working his magic. Michael is a mountain of knowledge!

clarks healthcare osteopathyRebecca Stacey - Insurance Account Handler
"I came to see Lisa for a slipped disk. I had received physiotherapy previously and it had not worked at all. Once i had come to Clarks Osteopathic Healthcare I noticed a big difference after only a couple of appointments. I very quickly moved from weekly appointments, extending to monthly, now as and when is needed and am back to the gym as i was before i had the problem. I happily recommend Clarks Osteopaths to all my friends & family"


Paul Plumb - Barber
"I came to Clarks Osteopaths as I had been suffering from bad back for nearly 20 years. I had visited other places but none come close to the service and excellent treatment that I received from Clarks. I no longer suffer from the terrible pains that i use to make me feel like I was going to be like it for the rest of my life.
I recommend Clarks Healthcare to everyone I know who have had any type of aches and pains."


Philip Parsons & Ann Parsons (Area Manager & Police Support Volunteer)
"Since being recommended to Clarks Healthcare by a friend both myself and my wife have been impressed with the level of treatment and advice we have been given.
It's nice to have your treatment explained in a friendly manner and any question answered in
a way that you can understand. You always feel your being treated as an individual rather than another patient and put at ease. The advice offered is always given in a manner that makes you feel your well-being is a genuine concern. We would not hesitate to recommend this practice and those who run it!"

benfleet osteopathsTony Crispin – Carpenter (Tony Crispin Carpentry)
"My work is very physical and as i get older it becomes harder and harder. Going to Clarks Osteopaths every 4 to 6 weeks helps me do my job to the best of my ability"

testimonial clarks healthcareLesley Cresswell – Head Teacher
"I have visited Clarks Healthcare for two separate problems and have seen both Lisa and Michael. I first visited following knee surgery. I was delighted with the difference it made. Recovery to full mobility was speeded up and pain reduction was a most welcome relief. The second problem I visited them for was when arthritis became very painful. I was treated at the clinic and given a series of exercises to do at home. The treatment and exercises proved to be beneficial, culminating in pain free movement. I would thoroughly recommend this clinic to anyone who is recovering from surgery or is suffering with arthritis!"

clarks ostopathsClive Rogers - Product Manager
I went to Clarks Osteopaths originally with back pain which made it difficult to drive or even sit. On the initial consultation not only did Michael identify the cause, but also a previous back problem from 5 years earlier that doctors and hospital had not been able to diagnose. In addition to giving immediate relief through treatment, I was provided with programme of treatment, exercise and diet to solve the problem. I have more recently visited with arthritis in my hand and again benefited from the same level of expertise for both immediate relief and a longer term programme to improve quality of life. I am very impressed with Clarks, not only with their medical and professional knowledge and treatment, but with their whole approach and manner in working patients which provides the reassurance, confidence and trust we all need at these times.
I would not hesitate to recommend Clarks Healthcare to anyone who is pain or has been suffering for a long time.

Jill H 52– Administrator

"I came to Clarks Osteopathy in Benfleet due to a Frozen Shoulder. I had increasing pain and stiffness in shoulder which the NHS physio wasn't able to help. My first few osteopathy sessions loosened my shoulder and reduced the pain significantly. They gave me a home exercises which has really helped speed up the recover. I am currently making very good progress. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, the clinic has a nice relaxing atmosphere, clean surroundings and out-of-hours appointments. Anyone with a frozen shoulder should come here!"

photo of clientRobert Hall - Mobile Mechanic
"I came to you with lots of aches and pains when I injured my ribs. I was diagnosed immediately and given a treatment plan. I have had 2 treatments and I am feeling allot better already. They are very professional and knowledgeable and explained the treatment plan very well.
I Would strongly recommend Clarks Healthcare to my friends and family!"

clarks osteopathy
Claire Gibbs
"An outstanding Service. I have always found Michael and Lisa to be extremely helpful in alleviating the problems that I have had since my car accident and my long term migraines. I can always get an appointment within a few days and the aftercare information given has always been beneficial to me. Would like to visit regularly but due to my financial circumstances that is not always possible"



Jacqueline Owen 40 – Secretary
"I originally came to see Lisa due to pelvic pain while pregnant with my third son. I could barely walk and was told by an NHS Physio to pigeon walk and nothing else. Lisa got me walking and within 2 weeks I was gardening again! I felt Amazing! I still visit every 6 weeks to prevent the aches and pains in my back and neck I use to suffer with. Lisa also really helps with my general health and has advised me on vitamins and omega 3 supplements which have been a great help. I have also seen Michael who has been just as informative and professional. I cannot recommend either of them enough, and have done many times."

clarks osteopathic healthcare testimonialsJennifer White – Guide Dog Trainer
"Throughout my association with Michael he has been very professional given fantastic advice and support, and having Arthritis this has been my support. I would recommend both him and his wife Lisa to anybody, in whatever pain they have"

Catherine Butler (Seamstress)
"Excellent service"

Daniel De Sousa
"Katherine has been treating me for about a year, and I'm very pleased to recommend her to anyone! She's very attentive, friendly, listens to your individual needs, makes you feel comfortable and above all, really knows her stuff. Being a sporty person I often have back and neck problems and she has always been able to provide some very welcome pain relief!"

Sheila Sharrattclarks osteopaths testimonial - Part time shop assistant
"I am a 73 year old woman and have arthritis in most of my joints. Almost seven years ago I was suffering really badly with pain in my right hip and leg which made walking a real trial for me. Clarks Osteopathic Healthcare was recommended to me and I decided to make an appointment to see if they could help to relieve the pain. My first appointment was with Michael who immediately put me at ease and clearly explained what was causing my problem and the treatment offered was also clearly outlined. After a couple of appointments the difference the treatment had made was amazing and I was able to go out with my husband when he walked our three dogs, which I had thought I wouldn't be able to do again. My husband also went for treatment from time to time and was seen by Lisa. He was always better for the treatment he received and, very importantly for him, Lisa always explained, in detail and in language that my husband understood, any medical problems he had this was particularly important to him during the latter part of his life when he was diagnosed and suffered with prostate cancer. Over the years I have continued to return for treatment when problems have occurred and I now go on a regular `maintenance' basis as I feel this is really beneficial to me and keeps me more supple than I would otherwise be. I have recommended many friends and acquaintances to Michael and Lisa all of whom, I believe have benefitted from their expertise.
I cannot speak too highly of Michael and Lisa, the kindness and care they show you at all times and
the benefits of the treatment they offer"


Akin Shokeye - Registered Mental Health Nurse
"I suffered with back pain from a motor accident, I attended NHS physio but it did the physio treatment did not have much value for the money, but when I attended Clark Osteopathic surgery, it was different! The consultant at Clarks Healthcare did not waste time asking unnecessary questions and he soon knew what was causing my back problem, he gave me a good therapeutic intervention to ease the pain to my back and left leg, and I will continue the treatment to I fully recover.
It's good to know your clinic!"
clarks osteopathic and complementary healthcare

Michael Gregory – Retired
"I find the treatment relieves my back pain and allows me a better quality of life, as I can then enjoy my activities of daily life"

clarks healthcare
John Warman - Builder

"My own problems started one Sunday in March 2011 when i had a pain in my elbow. As a self employed brick layer i was unable to work and a trip to the doctors became a trip to the hospital where i was diagnosed with Spontaneous Locking of Elbow caused by foreign bodies. I was to return to hospital in a weeks time to arrange an appointment to have a right elbow arthroscopy (key hole surgery). Before going down the route of surgery i decided to visit Mr Clark following a recommendation. By the first session i had already gained some movement in the elbow and Mr Clark believed the problem could be resolved without surgery. I went back the next day for more intense work on the elbow which resulted in a big improvement. Mr Clark showed me some exercises to do at home over the weekend which helped and another visit on Monday resulted in considerable movement.
At a follow up appointment with the hospital they were impressed with the amount of movement i had gained. They said to see how things went and gave me a 6 month open appointment. A couple of follow up appointments with Mr Clark over the next month and my elbow was back to normal with no more problems throughout 2011.
Later in the year a bad back (must be the job) resulted in other visits to Mr Clark and another problem solved!"

clarks testimonialsSheila Alsford – Administrator
"I had limited mobility due to a frozen shoulder and was aware of discomfort all the time! Since coming I have full range of mobility back and I am no longer in any discomfort. It has helped me so much in my day to day activities. If you want friendly, expert treatment and advice then I would recommend this clinic without hesitation!"



neck pain benfleetJames Biffen – Retail Manager
"I originally Visited Clarkes Healthcare for some on-going neck and shoulder problems due to the nature of my work. I've known Michael at Clarks Osteopathic Healthcare for 5 Years and can honestly say that he genuinely cares about his patients and their recovery. Michael will work with you to help you in your recovery in a friendly no pressure manner and will only offer you the treatment you need, but is also willing to help you in the improvement of your overall general health and freely gives you advice. I Highly recommend Clarks Healthcare I am sure you will find them as helpful as I have"

testimonialAnn Honey - Retired
"As we are all responsible for our own welfare, it is up to us to keep our body and minds as healthy as possible. I came to Clarks Healthcare to help me succeed in trying to accomplish this. I found that by having regular visits to the clinic my body responded in a positive way. As my body reacted so well, I found that my mental and emotional attitudes improved also. It was explained to me that if the body is in alignment, you achieve a sense of wellbeing. I have found this to be so and find that because my body feels healthier, I feel far better mentally and emotionally.
Find out for yourself and give it a try"

Tina Cotgrove 44 - Educational Communicator & Former Nurse
"I nursed for 20 years and it took its toll on my back. I go to the Osteopaths, because it keeps me supple and helps me to strengthen my back. If I get pain a short course of treatment always cures the problem. I would highly recommend anyone with back, neck or knee problems to go to Clarks Osteopaths"

Trevor Clements - Administrator
"I am active, but not athletic, and am not good with exercises despite some good intentions. My health is very good, but I have suffered from occasional mild back strain since my teens. Two 'incidents' of severe back pain in a short period convinced me that action was required and I selected Clark's Osteopathy from the phone book. Michael has a friendly, but professional-like manner. He immediately identified a mechanical posture defect in my hips and explained the effect on the disks in my lower back. Manipulation and exercise quickly overcame the mechanical cause of the posture defect, and I was confident that the disk problem was manageable. Another incident after I became lax with my exercises to strengthen my lower back muscles convinced me otherwise, and I returned to Michael's care. Michael is never judgemental, demonstrating a clear understanding of the reluctance to exercise that most of us have, and gently encourages a gradual change to a lifestyle which will be more beneficial to the patient. My own progress has been good since then, and I can afford to 'rest' from those exercises for short periods without feeling that my back is in danger.

Most of us think of an Osteopath for 'emergency' treatment only - then return to the situation which created the problem in the first place. If the NHS paid, we would all do as I do and have well spaced, but regular consultations to keep an eye on our bodies.
After all, we have our cars checked every year!!!"

Diane Warren
"I started seeing Katherine a few years ago, for what was fast becoming a chronic back problem. The constant level of pain was becoming difficult to manage and so I was advised to see an osteopath. From the first appointment, Katherine was professional, thorough in both her questioning and examining and managed to put a very nervous me at ease right away! She explained my problems clearly and helped me to understand how I could work on my back in between appointments. Katherine worked with me to create a set of exercises I could do at home and was great at advising me about other forms of exercise that would be particularly beneficial in my case. She took an interest not only in my medical symptoms, but in me as a whole person. She was always warm and friendly and made an effort to remember the things we chatted about from one appointment to the next, ensuring that I didn't feel like just another patient on her list to see for the day."

photo barbaraBarbara Mathews – Retired PA
"I am a “regular” at Clarks and perhaps one of the best examples of my satisfaction will be shown by the fact that I travel from Upminster for treatment. In my seventies I was already experiencing severe pain in my hips, so when it was suggested that osteopathy might help me, I made an appointment to see someone.  That osteopath was Michael Clark. I did eventually have to have my hips replaced, but while awaiting the operations, Michael kept me as mobile as possible. My GP advised me to use a wheelchair but I managed with crutches, thinking that if I took to a wheelchair I would never get out of it! Michael ensured that my legs retained strength. Severe Arthritis in my lower back means that I still experience some pain and cannot walk far, but I can move around and
do not need to use a wheelchair.

Apart from the actual treatment, I find Clarks Healthcare a very pleasant place to visit. The atmosphere is friendly and cheerful, but always professional, and the Clarks are unfailingly helpful. Overall, let me say that I am glad to have the opportunity to recommend this practice to others, as I feel sure that they will be happy with their treatment here, as I have always been"

The Shimmin Family
Evie - 16 student "I am a sixteen year old girl who came to the clinic with a twisted scoliosis of the spine. I have had treatment both before and after surgery. What I like most about coming is that I am given time to express my worries and the answers are explained clearly and make me feel better. I am given allot of advice to help me with my pain and given exercises to help my body and my muscles. The treatment always really helps me. Everyone is very kind and caring. I would recommend Clarks whatever your age or problem, they are just great!"
Louise 46 – housewife "I have been a patient at Clarks Osteopathic Clinic for a number of years and I am being treated for health problems ranging from M.E to Arthritis. It is refreshing to meet somebody who is so passionate about health and who is willing to pass on their knowledge to help optimise your own health and fitness. Your problem is always explained clearly and effectively, putting the patient at ease and a treatment plan is put in place for each stage of your recovery. I would highly recommend Clarks healthcare and cannot praise them enough."
Nicholas 20 – Bar Work "I came to the clinic due to a mild Scoliosis and pain related to said condition. Treatment alleviated pain. Genuine care and interest is given with regards to the condition, exercises and stretches that will further aid treatment and improve general quality of life."

fergusson testimonialJill & Collin Fergusson
Jill - I went to see Michael Clark with severe sciatica. My doctor had prescribed pain killers, they cut out the pain but didn't cure the problem. After their treatment I'm now free from any pain and no longer need any pain killers. I have Parkinson's and have therefore continued treatment as the treatment helps my cramps and it has allowed me to keep mobile. Michael Clark is very professional and soon gets to the root of a problem. I would happily recommend!
Collin - I had been losing movement in my neck. This caused problems driving as I was unable to turn my head when reversing. Since having treatment I have had no problems. I follow the exercises prescribed for my neck and this has helped restore full movement. I recommend anyone to visit them!

Jean Clark - Office Manager
"Myself and my husband were involved in a major car accident. I suffered with many injuries to my lower and upper back due to the impact of the collision. My Orthopaedic surgeon advised me to go to Clarks Healthcare. He explained that they were experts in these sort of injuries. Since then I have been hooked. They are, I believe miracle workers. They gave me tremendous pain relief and because of them I was able to avoid numerous operations. I tell everyone I know who has any pain to see an Osteopath. The Osteopaths at Clarks Healthcare are very understanding, they certainly went the extra mile with me and my husband. They give us the very best care and attention that one could wish to get. They are always on time with the appointments. You never have to wait around for hours on end. You are seen at your allotted appointment time. The clinic is pleasant and very modern. I would recommend them to anyone. I am a true admirer of their profession - the medical world would be a rather sad place without them."

Lisa Smith 29 - Finance Administrator
"I came to the clinic as I suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain. I learnt a lot about how my bones are positioned and learnt different ways on how to sit and certain exercises to do to help pain. You should go to the clinic as you will learn so much about your body you probably didn't know and you will be surprised of the outcome when the pain starts to go away"

Colin Twigg - Assistant Head Teacher
"I have taught in the area for over 38 years, now assistant head teacher at Greensward Academy in Hockley. I have always played team sports, now restricted to 5 a-side indoor football. Just over a year ago I visited my GP with a swollen elbow and increasing pain in the joint. As a result fluid had built up. The GP's advice was that the elbow would heal in time, it did so but causing a shortening of the muscles. My wife recommended Clark's Osteopaths following successful treatment on her knee. Following several Osteopath visits there is a huge improvement, so much so that I am confident in returning to goal keeping. The treatment has stretched the muscles and completely resolved my pain. Although initially reluctant to attend an osteopath I would recommend anyone putting up frozen shoulder benfleet west wickhamwith pain to give it a try"

Pat Watson - Retired
"My name is Pat and I live in Benfleet Essex. Over the last two years I have suffered intense pain in my index finger and felt a complete idiot having to go to the doctors with this form of complaint. However the pain became so great I needed to see someone as it had got to a stage where I was ready to have it amputated rather than spend another hour with it. I had become irritable and moody at home and I'm sure everyone was pleased when I eventually went for an appointment.


The doctor indicated that it was a cyst and provided a course of antibiotics to calm it down but unfortunately these had no effect at all. As you can imagine this did not help me one little bit and I went back for more and more drugs to overcome the problem. Eventually the doctor sent me to the hospital to have the cyst removed which improved my spirits completely but the surgeon refused to operate as he said it was arthritis and could not be cured. I was shattered especially when the doctor agreed and left me with the pain with no hope of any relief. Then going through the local paper my husband drew my attention to an advertisement from a local Benfleet Osteopath who was advising that arthritis pain could be relieved and although my daughter and son pointed out that this did not make sense it was something to cling to and therefore I made an appointment.


My Osteopath to a full case history and then came the easing of my muscle pain that had grown tense with pain over the years and a course of acupuncture in my finger made my pain so much easier. The first treatment brought quick relief and my visits during the first month brought me relief and confidence. My treatments have been stretched out to once a month and my pain is completely manageable. Don't give up on pain try everything even things that sound silly because pain relief could be just round the corner as my Osteopath is"

27 year old Primary School Teacher
"Being a primary school teacher I suffer a lot with tension in my neck and shoulders. I have been visiting Clarks Healthcare clinic to help this. The staff at the clinic are professional, friendly and have helped my condition a lot"

Albert Smith 54 – Ferry Captain
" I found Clarks Healthcare very professional and very good. I strongly recommend Clarks to everyone"

Julie Lansdell
"The treatment I receive at Clarks helps to alleviate the pain caused by my continual coughing"

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