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guranteedHealth, Exercise, Nutrition, Rehabilitation& Sports Performance Studio

We have developed our Benfleet Site building a state of the art Exercise, Nutrition, Rehabilitation &Sports Performance Studio to help you achieve serious improvements to your health and fitness

Do you suffer with any of these symptoms?
gym one to one exercise• Are you overweight and your clothes don't fit?
• Have tried dieting & exercise with only temporary results?
• Do you suffer with low self-esteem/confidence?
• Do you suffer with low energy & fatigue?
• Do you feel stressed?
• Do you suffer with joint/muscle weakness e.g. weak back, arthritis etc?
• Do you have an injury which has never fully recovered & keeps recurring?
• Did you have a caesarean or never regained your figure after pregnancy?
• Do you have high blood pressure?

If your answer is YES, then our Studio Programme is for you! down

Why Our Programme Will
Significantly Improve YOUR Health!

We don't believe in fad diets and health regimes with temporary results. Our proven success formula looks at all aspects of health to achieve serious results which can be maintained for a lifetime. This iswhy:

gym weight loss benfleet• We discuss all of your health and fitness goals
• We perform the most comprehensive assessments to develop the Perfect Programme for YOU
• We develop an enjoyable healthy eating plan
• We develop a workable plan of action that integrates ALL components required for your success
• We provide you with the knowledge of how to put it all together
• We work with you regularly on a completely one-to-one basis to achieve your goals
• We continually reassess and modify your programme to ensure you reach your goals
• We provide the support system required to make the lifestyle changes necessary to not only achieve your goals but also maintain them for life
• We make the entire process fun and enjoyable!

weight loss in benfleetThis Programme is an investment in your health!

Request a FREE no obligation consultation to discuss your health and fitness goals
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gym sports specific traininggym reduce stress



Why our packages are so unique & what is included
Our Exercise,
Nutrition, Rehabilitation & Performance Programme will include:
gym advancedYes:  Regular 1-2-1 training with our experts
Yes:  A unique exercise & lifestyle programme
Yes:  Full rehabilitation programme
Yes:  Complete nutrition programme
Yes:  Lifestyle & stress reduction consultations
Yes:  Medical health screening
Yes:  Osteopathic assessment
Yes:  Postural, physical, body fat, fitness & bio motor analysis
Yes:  Regular re-evaluations and changing of your programme ensuring you reach your health and fitness goals
No long term commitment
downAnd MUCH MORE all included within the packages

• Health & Fitness Programmes (for all ages & abilities)
weight loss benfleet essexOur Studio packages are perfect for anyone looking for an excellent healthprogramme as it includes everything needed to make serious improvements to your health.
Whether you're looking to eat healthily, achieve your ideal body shape, get fit, improve your confidence, or simply to stay healthy as you age, our studio packages are perfect for you!

We don't believe in fad diets and health regimes with temporary results. We work with you on a completely one-to-one basis within our state of the art health studio alongside nutrition & lifestyle consultations, providing you with all the knowledge support and encouragement to help you feel and look your best!

• Rehabilitation Programmes
boot campBy working regularly with our rehabilitation team you will achieve results far superior to what is possible in a NHS or home protocol.

We will perform the most detailed orthopaedic analysis and design you a unique full rehabilitation programme. We then work with you on a completely one-to-one basis within our state of the art health studio helping you achieve the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.

Our rehabilitation team can help you with:
• Back & neck pain e.g slipped discs, trapped nerves, weak backs,osteopathy in benfleet essex headaches, etc
• Post caesarean & childbirth
• Pelvic floor dysfunction
• Joint or muscle weakness
• Injuries that have never fully recovered
• Whiplash injuries
• Hip, knee & ankle injuries
• Arthritic joints
• Cartilage injuries
• Shoulder, elbow & wrist injuries e.g frozen shoulder,
rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow etc
• Sports Injuries, and much more
Call us today to discuss your individual problem

• Sports Performance Programmesgym
clarks healthcareWhether you're a health enthusiast or a professional athlete we will design you a unique 'sports performance programme'.

For genetic reasons men & women need to be trained differently. Likewise a marathon runner needs a completely different conditioning programme than a sprinter or boxer. A rugby player may want to gain muscle mass where as a dancer needs to also be very strong without gaining bulky muscles. These unique differences are why we use the latest advancements in physical analysis and sports specific conditioning and why oubenfleet osteopathsr programmes will help you perform your sport better than ever before!

Flexibility Yes:  Stamina Yes:  Speed Yes:  Power Yes:  Endurance Yes:  Strength Yes:  Skill Yes:  Agility Yes:  Balance Yes:  Coordination

• Work Specific Conditioning Programmes
Injuries at work are a common problem resulting in unnecessary pain, suffering and medical visits. Whether you are an office worker or a self-employed builder you need to be 'physically fit for YOUR job'. No ergonomic setup or back support will ever make you stronger and generalised gym programmes don't work at reducing your chance of pain or injury.

We look in detail at the physical requirements of your job (e.g sitting for 8 hrs per day or bending over brick-laying etc). We combine this information with a detailed physical analysis to design you the perfect 'work specific conditioning' programme. We then work with you on a completely one-to-one basis within our state of the art health studio helping youachieve the best possible results in the shortest amount of time!

Do our Health Studio programmes really work?

Yes, of course they do!
We are proud to be a recommendation based practice with 98% of our new clients coming from word of mouth recommendations.

We have been successfully helping thousands of patients & clients for over a decade to rehabilitate from injury and achieve great health. We have the knowledge, experience, resources and facilities to help you look & feel your best!

Visit our website to read or watch video testimonials from satisfied patients and clients and see how you can benefit from working with our team
We are so confident that you will find our Health Studio packages and programmes truly unique that we guarantee your results 100%!

Results You Can Expect Working With Us
Work on a completely one-to-one basis with our top exercise and lifestyle experts
Suitable for All agesgym good health
Suitable for complete novices or professional athletes
Achieve your ideal body shape
Feel fitter than ever before
Boost your self-esteem
Boost your confidence
Reduce Stress
Improve your energy
Rehabilitate from pain, recurring injuries, weakness or surgery
Enjoy a healthy eating plan which is easy to maintain
Improve your sports performance
Have fun throughout the process

About us
lisa clark osteopathmichael clark osteopath in benfleetLisa & Michael Clark are the co-founders of Clarks Healthcare®. They developed the 'Health, Rehabilitation & Sports Performance Studio' to help patients & clients recover from injury, play their sport better than ever, and to look and feel their best.

Michael & Lisa along with their team are passionate to provide you with a uniquely tailored programme which grows with you as you reach your health and fitness goals. Your programme will incorporate ALL the components required for your success. Then by working regularly with you on a one-to-one basis you will not only achieve great results but maintain them for a lifetime!

guranteedNo Long Term Commitment!

Suitable for ALL ages and experiences
(complete novice to professional athlete)

for our existing patients and their family!

All our Packages & Programs are 100% Results Guaranteed
osteopath michael and lisa clark
"This Programme is an Investment In YOUR Health!"5 stars
Request a FREE no obligation consultation to discuss your health and fitness goals by filling in the form below


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