Fall Prevention Programme

By Lisa & Michael Clark

Fall Prevention Programme at Clarks Healthcare

Fall Prevention Programme at Clarks Healthcare

Welcome to the Fall Prevention Programme

Falls are a serious public health concern, particularly among older adults. They are the second leading cause of accidental injury deaths worldwide, with adults over 60 experiencing the highest number of fatal falls. Furthermore, 95% of all hip fractures are due to accidental falls. However, falls are not an inevitable part of ageing, and with the right interventions, they can be significantly reduced. At Clarks Healthcare, we have developed a comprehensive Fall Prevention Programme as part of our Healthy Living Programme to help you stay safe, active, and independent.

Why Fall Prevention Matters

Falls can lead to severe injuries such as hip fractures, which often result from sideways falls. The rate of fall-related fatalities among older adults has risen dramatically, and without intervention, this trend is projected to continue. But there’s good news—research and our clinical experience show that falls can often be prevented through targeted interventions, including physical therapies such as Osteopathy combined with specific corrective exercise programmes.

Fall Prevention Programme at Clarks Healthcare

Comprehensive Assessment and Personalised Carepersonal training in benfleet

Our approach to fall prevention begins with a thorough assessment to identify your unique risk factors. This includes evaluating your posture, gait, strength, balance, mobility, flexibility and more. Based on these assessments, we develop personalised exercise plans designed to address your specific needs and enhance your overall stability and strength.

Key Components of Our Fall Prevention Programme

Tailored Exercise Plans:

We create custom exercise routines focusing on improving your balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination. These exercises are crucial for reducing the risk of falls and improving your ability to perform daily activities safely.

Balance Training:

Our programme includes specific exercises designed to improve your balance and stability. These exercises are essential for enhancing your ability to navigate daily activities and reducing the likelihood of falls.

Strength, Flexibility, and Mobility Training:

In addition to balance exercises, our programme incorporates strength training to build muscle mass, flexibility exercises to enhance your range of motion, and mobility workouts to ensure your joints function optimally. This comprehensive approach helps you maintain overall physical health and reduces fall risk.

Posture and Walking (Gait) Training:

We emphasise the importance of proper posture and gait. Our training programmes include exercises to improve kyphosis, forward head posture, and other common postural issues that can increase fall risk.

Exclusive, One-to-One Exercise Sessionschiropractor near me

Enjoy the privacy and focus of one-to-one sessions in our Private Onsite Studio, where:

  • Custom-Designed Exercise Sessions: Each session is tailored to your health, age, ability, confidence, and goals, ensuring you exercise safely and effectively.
  • Personal Attention: All sessions are conducted one-to-one with our experienced team members who motivate and encourage you at every step.
  • Scheduled Regularly: Consistency is key in any health transformation, and our regularly scheduled sessions help maintain momentum.
  • Exclusive Studio Use: Each session grants you exclusive use of the studio—no waiting for equipment, no interruptions, and complete privacy.

Ongoing Education and Practical Advice:

We provide continuous education and practical advice to help you live a healthier life. This includes guidance on maintaining proper hydration, healthy eating, and lifestyle coaching to address factors such as stress management, sleep improvement, and digestion.

Experienced Professionals You Can Trust

Our team, led by seasoned Osteopaths, Rehabilitation Specialists, and Holistic Lifestyle Coaches Michael and Lisa Clark, brings over 20 years of clinical knowledge and experience. Having worked with over 6000 patients, we have treated individuals in pain, rehabilitated them, and helped them regain their independence. This extensive experience ensures that our tailored fall prevention programmes are highly effective, helping patients not only reduce their risk of falls but also improve their overall stability, independence and confidence.

Join Our Fall Prevention Programmebenfleet physio

The Fall Prevention Programme is a crucial part of our Healthy Living Programme, which aims to transform your health and enhance your quality of life. By focusing on personalised care and continuous support, we help you achieve and maintain a healthier, more vibrant life.

To learn more about how you can benefit from our Fall Prevention Programme, contact us today at 01268 795705. Improve your health, gain confidence, and reduce your risk of falls.

Call us today and start reducing your risk of falls: 01268795705

What our members are saying

“I was breathless, had very high blood pressure, was diabetic and felt exhausted. I then had a fall, nothing major but I couldn't get up! Arms not strong enough to push, unable to roll over onto knees, muscles too weak. I was an embarrassed mess.

My family convinced me to have osteopathy and join the Healthy Living Programme. I was asked what I wanted to change and told how it could be done. I was tested in detail over a 1 ½ hour assessment. A lifestyle, nutrition and rehabilitation programme was designed for me which includes regular one-to-one training in their Studio for an hour each session all taught with great care and expertise.

My very high blood pressure is now normal and I'm no longer diabetic. My lung function is normal and I have lost 14 and a half inches of body fat so far. I am stronger, feel healthier, have energy, can physically do lots of things I couldn't before and feel miles more confident. Got my independence and my life back”


"I have been living with Parkinson's Disease for twelve years and was often confined to a wheelchair. Determined to walk again, I was recommended to try Clarks Healthcare by a friend. Initially, I was very apprehensive, but there was no need for worry—the team explained everything clearly and ensured I fully understood each step of the process.

They tailored a diet and treatment plan specifically for me, taking into account my condition to ensure all exercise was safe and effective. I exercise in the studio twice per week under the careful supervision of their fantastic team, who make sure all movements are safe and catered to my needs with Parkinson’s. I'm proud to say that, with their help, I was able to walk one mile for a charity event. Michael promised they would help me walk again, and I did! Whatever your challenge, I am confident they will be able to help you too."


"I'm in my 90s and I truly love coming here. The Fall Prevention Programme at Clarks Healthcare has made such a significant difference in my life. I exercise at the studio three times a week, and it's not only helped to keep my blood pressure under control, but it's also improved my walking immensely, keeping me out of a wheelchair and maintaining my independence.

The team at Clarks is always so attentive and ensures that all the exercises are tailored to my health needs and mobility issues. I can exercise safely, which is incredibly important at my age.

I'm profoundly grateful to Michael, Lisa, and their wonderful team for their dedication and care. Joining this programme has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to stay active and retain their health and mobility."


"After my stroke I lost my independence and confidence. It was daunting to be exercising but Michael and his team have been instrumental in my recovery. The results have been more than I could have hoped for. Not only have I seen a significant return of my strength, but my mobility and balance have also improved and I’ve got my confidence back.

What stood out for me was how everything is bespoke and tailored specifically to my needs. The exercises in their onsite studio are done one-to-one so I know I’m doing everything safely and correctly. The exercises challenge me but I really look forward to seeing the improvements each week.

Thank you for helping me get my life back, I’m deeply grateful for your kindness, support and encouragement"


"I am a “regular” at Clarks and perhaps one of the best examples of my satisfaction will be shown by the fact that I travel from Upminster for treatment and to exercise. In my seventies I was already experiencing severe pain in my hips, so when it was suggested that osteopathy might help me, I made an appointment to see someone.  That osteopath was Michael Clark. I did eventually have to have my hips replaced, but while awaiting the operations, Michael kept me as mobile as possible. My GP advised me to use a wheelchair but I managed with crutches, thinking that if I took to a wheelchair, I would never get out of it! Michael ensured that my legs retained strength and i could walk safely without falling. Severe Arthritis in my lower back means that I still experience some pain and cannot walk far, but I can move around and do not need to use a wheelchair.

Apart from the actual treatment and exercising, I find Clarks Healthcare a very pleasant place to visit. The atmosphere is friendly and cheerful, but always professional, and the Clarks are unfailingly helpful. Overall, let me say that I am glad to have the opportunity to recommend this practice to others, as I feel sure that they will be happy with their treatment here, as I have always been

At 91 years old my check ups and treatment for my Severe Arthritis keeps me walking. I always feel far better physically mentally & emotionally for visiting"


rayy fall prevention benfleet

"I can't thank Michael and Lisa enough for how they have helped me regain my independence. When I first joined their programme, I was so worried about falling that I wouldn't even go into my garden because I couldn’t handle the steps down. I love my garden, but after my hip replacement, the thought of falling was always on my mind. Michael talked through my goals and what I wanted to be able to do again. After the assessment, which was incredibly thorough, he said if I worked hard and really committed myself, I would be able to walk normally and return to my gardening. I put the work in with my home stretches and never missed an exercise session in the studio. True to his word, I've made remarkable progress. I’m back gardening again and just last week, I was able to change the fence panels with my son. It might seem like a small task to some, but for me, it was a huge victory, and I was so proud. Michael, you've given me more than just balance and strength; you've given me my life back. Thank you.”


johnn fall prevention exercises in benfleet

"I had a bad fall which ended with me in hospital with a concussion and my confidence lost. My mobility had gone downhill after my knee replacement. The operation didn’t go as well as I wanted, and I had gradually become weaker and weaker, relying on my other knee which isn’t so great either. Michael spent a long time examining me, and at the end, he identified all the areas that needed improvement. He designed me a bespoke programme with lots of exercises to strengthen my knees, hips, and back, along with balancing exercises. I look forward to exercising in the studio. Every session is safe yet challenging. I aim for small improvements each time, and those small changes have really added up.

Changing my diet, exercising regularly, and drinking more water has fixed 20 years of high blood pressure, and my GP has taken me off my blood pressure tablets. The doctor was very impressed with the changes to my diet and exercise routine and told me to keep with it. Now, I can walk without a cane and feel confident. I’ve returned to playing bowls and get out and about. I've recommended Clarks fall prevention programme to my friends and family. Thank you.”


malc fall prevention near me

“My arthritis got so bad that I could barely get out of a chair, so I used to sit most of the day because of the pain. I also started to notice that I was becoming very unsteady on my feet, my daughter also noticed and put me onto Clarks and it’s been the best thing I did. Michael spent a good couple of hours looking at all my movements and checking what muscles needed strengthening. Then he recommended the fall prevention programme, to help me regain my mobility and balance. Following the assessment I got straight to it, I took it seriously and made sure I was at every training session ready to get stuck in. It’s absolutely unbelievable what I can do now. I can stand on one leg for 3 minutes and even kick a football around with the grandkids. I can make a cup of tea and wash up with no bother. Most importantly on my grandsons 18th I stood at the bar with him for a pint.”


andreww how to improve leg strength benfleet

"I can't praise this fall prevention programme enough. The personal attention and exercise sessions have made a huge difference. Everyone is professional, caring, and dedicated to helping people. They keep a close eye on my progress and tweak my programme as needed so I keep improving. I really enjoy my sessions in the studio; it's upbeat, safe, and challenging. I didn't realise how quickly I would see results. My posture has improved, and I no longer need to use furniture to get around the house. Michael's practical healthy eating plan and lifestyle advice, such as removing trip hazards and drinking more water, have also been incredibly helpful with fantastic results. Thank you, Michael, Lisa, and the amazing team for all your support."


trevorr fall prevention exercises benfleet

“I had a nasty fall and broke my hip. The NHS gave me a hip replacement and physio. Unfortunately, the operation left me weaker than before, feeling quite frail. Michael assessed my hip and determined that although the NHS had started the process, I still had a lot more rehabilitation left to do. I had also lost a lot of strength in my back and needed to improve my flexibility. I completed their programme and now, 10 years on, I can still touch my toes, walk for hours, swim, and do all the everyday things I used to take for granted. Thank you, Michael, for everything!"


"My mum joined Clarks Healthcare's Fall Prevention Programme after hearing about the excellent care we experienced. Her balance and confidence have improved remarkably. The team is exceptional, providing care and support that make all the difference. They treat each patient with respect and kindness, ensuring a comfortable experience. This programme is a game-changer for anyone struggling with balance issues. Thank you, Michael, for creating such a supportive environment for my mum!"


mary how to prevent falls

"Michael and Lisa’s programme has been a lifesaver. My balance and walking have improved so much, I no longer hunch over and I feel much safer going out to the shops and going to my clubs again. Michael, Lisa, and the team are knowledgeable, caring, and genuinely lovely people. I have exercises to do at home and then come in for one-to-one sessions in their studio with their wonderful trainers. I feel stronger than I have in years. I wish I had joined years ago. Thank you."


charlotte fall prevention

"I can't thank Michael and Lisa enough for their Fall Prevention Programme. I was struggling and getting nowhere, my balance was getting worse and could barely walk in a straight line without waddling from side to side. It was embarrassing to see myself like this and my confidence was at an all-time low. However, their programme has changed all that. My balance and mobility have improved dramatically, and I walk upright and confidently, no longer resembling a penguin. Michael, Lisa, and the team are professional, friendly and caring. The personalised care and continuous support are second to none. Every session is adjusted to my needs, ensuring I get the most out of every session. They make the entire experience enjoyable. Highly recommended!"


david chiropractor benfleet

"After a few nasty falls, I realised I needed to sort out my balance before it was too late. From the moment I walked into Clarks, I knew I was in good hands. Michael and Lisa took the time to understand why I was so unstable and what needed to be done to improve. There was no magic pill, but with a clear plan of action, along with their support and encouragement, I was able to train safely and effectively. I made sure to do my best at every session. The results have far exceeded my expectations. Now, there really isn’t anything I can’t do. I can enjoy my daily walks, climb stairs without any trouble, play golf, and go on holiday. None of this would have been possible without them. If you’re struggling like I was, give them a call, you won’t regret it.”


linda how to strengthen your hip benfleet

"The team at Clarks Healthcare is simply outstanding! I used to be terrified of falling, but now I move around confidently and easily even with two arthritic knees. The exercise sessions really work, and their support is excellent. They encourage and motivate me to get the most from every session and make adjustments as needed. I have regular reassessments with Michael where we discuss my progress and make changes. I wholeheartedly recommend this programme to anyone dealing with arthritis and balance issues. The improvements and peace of mind it provides are priceless!"


michaell osteopaths in benfleet

“I was quite sceptical about joining the programme at first, so was doing some exercises I found off the internet. It wasn’t until it started to affect my golf that I decided I better consult someone. My friend and fellow golfer attends Clarks for his ailments, so I thought I’d give them a go. I must admit I was thoroughly impressed with Michael and the team, I’ve never had such a detailed assessment and as they say the results speak for themselves. I’ve recently returned from a golfing holiday and enjoyed every second feeling stronger and playing more holes than I have been previously able to. Thanks Michael and team for all the help and expertise, would highly recommend to all my friends.”


“I had a serious accident which crushed my spine leaving me disabled. Thanks to Lisa and Michael they keep me pain free and able to walk. Without them I would be wheelchair bound and in tremendous pain. They are kind and caring and I can’t recommend them enough"


kath how to exercise safely benfleet clarks healthcare

"I have a young mind but sadly I had a weak body and the realisation had finally hit me that my age had finally caught up on me. I can't express enough gratitude for Michael and Lisa’s Fall Prevention Programme. The one-on-one sessions and bespoke exercise plans have given me a confidence in my body again. I feel so much steadier and haven't had any falls since starting. I recently managed a family trip to Centre Parcs, something I never thought I’d be able to do again. Michael, your holistic approach has turned back the clock to how I used to be. Thank you so much!"


"Joining the Fall Prevention Programme at Clarks Healthcare was life-changing for me. Michael and the team's expertise and dedication have helped me regain my balance and confidence. I can now enjoy my favourite activities without worrying about falling. They truly understand the challenges I faced and work diligently to help me overcome them. The studio is fantastic, providing a safe and comfortable environment for every session. Thank you, Michael, for all your help!"


"I used to dread walking outside due to my poor balance, but the Fall Prevention Programme at Clarks in Benfleet has changed that. The exercises are effective, and the support from the team is incredible. I feel much safer now. They provide constant encouragement and make sure I stay motivated. The studio is well-maintained and equipped with everything needed for my exercising. Thank you, Michael, for creating such a supportive team!"


"After several falls, my doctor recommended Clarks Healthcare. Their Fall Prevention Programme has been outstanding. The detailed assessments and customised exercises have improved my stability when walking and getting out of the bath. Within reason there is anything I can’t do anymore. I am forever grateful for their help. Michael, Lisa, and the team are professional, caring, and I couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you."


"The Fall Prevention Programme is excellent. The personal approach and continuous support have made a huge difference in my life. I feel more balanced and confident in my movements. The studio is a great place to train, with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The sessions are tough and challenging, but I always feel safe. 10/10, thank you for all your help!"


"Clarks Healthcare's Fall Prevention Programme is simply the best. My consultant suggested I contact Michael and work with him to regain my balance and strength. The individual attention and custom exercise plans have worked wonders for me. I can't thank Michael and the team enough for their support."


"After my stroke, I was afraid of falling. The Fall Prevention Programme at Clarks Healthcare has given me my confidence back. The team is supportive and professional, and the exercises have made a real difference. They monitor my progress closely and adjust my programme as needed to keep me improving. Thank you for everything you have done for me, thanks to you my family have the active me back. Anyone who is unsure if to join, you shouldn’t definitely go for it. Give them a call, it’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make”


"The detailed assessments and tailored exercise programme Michael gave me has been life-changing. I feel much safer and more confident in my daily activities. Michael and the team take the time to understand your specific needs and design sessions that truly work for you."


"I can't believe the difference the Fall Prevention Programme has made. My balance, leg strength, walking and going up stairs have improved so much. The team at Clarks Healthcare is amazing, and their support is invaluable. I couldn’t have done it without your knowledge, support and encouragement. Joining was by far the best decision I have ever made, Thank you”


Call us today and start reducing your risk of falls: 01268795705

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