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Don't Suffer Pain Anymore!

With over 20 years of experience and 6,000 patients treated, Lisa, Michael and their expert osteopathy and rehabilitation team is committed to helping you recover from pain and improving your health.

We provide a tailored approach combining hands-on treatment, corrective exercises, and lifestyle modifications to enhance your recovery, manage pain effectively, and improve your overall health. Let us guide you to a healthier, pain-free life.

What we treat:

  • Pain Relief for various conditions
  • Arthritis-related discomfort
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Joint and Muscle Pain
  • Sciatica and Disc Injuries
  • Whiplash and Frozen Shoulder
  • Pregnancy-related back pain
  • Shoulder and Elbow Pain
  • Hip and Knee pain
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Chronic and Acute Pain
  • Postural issues
  • Sports and Accidental Injuries
  • Surgery Prevention and Rehabilitation
    and much more!

What our patients are saying

“I was diagnosed & started my care plan at the 1st session. The treatment was fantastic and I was quickly back to work and my problem resolved”


“They immediately put me at ease
and clearly explained what was
causing my problem & how to fix it”


“You always feel you're
being treated as an individual. They got me out of pain and taught me how to stop it coming back”


“After 3 major knee surgeries I thought that was the end of my sporting career. Thanks to Lisa and her team I made a full recovery"


“This is the most comprehensive
care plan I’ve ever had. Working with
Michael, Lisa and their team is a pleasure”


“You were my last option. Thanks to your expert guidance I was able to avoid surgery and finally resolve my pain”


"I’ve visited other places but none
come close to the service and excellent treatment and care I receive at Clarks”


At 91 years old my check ups and treatment for my Severe Arthritis keeps me walking. I always feel far better physically mentally & emotionally for visiting"


"After they fixed my slipped disc and sciatica
I decided to come for monthly maintenance. My visits are superb. They keep me supple, mobile & still able to build houses for a living”.


About Us

For the past 20 years, Lisa, Michael, and their team at Clarks Healthcare have treated over 6,000 patients, helping them recover from pain and enhance their health.

Our practice thrives on word-of-mouth, with 98% of new patients referred by those who have experienced our care first-hand. We are dedicated to continuous improvement in our treatment plans, aiming to quickly alleviate pain and target its root cause to prevent recurrence. Our passion lies in not just treating the immediate symptoms but in ensuring lasting health solutions.

Appointments & Inquiries

We are open morning-evening, Mondays-Saturdays. 

Contact us today on 01268795705 to discuss your individual problem or to book a full 1 hour consultation with treatment.

Clarks Osteopathic and Complementary Healthcare
378 London Road, Benfleet, Essex, SS71AX
Tel: 01268795705

Don't Suffer Pain Anymore!

Call our dedicated reception team today to schedule a one hour comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

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